My first attempt as a blOgger

December 6, 2007 at 6:49 am (hOt mama)

This is my first attempt to blog.hehe..

Someone suggested that i should start blogging since i am pregnant for safekeeping..ouh.. and btw..i’m 5 months pregnant! I know i should have start this blog earlier but aiseh..biasa don’t really feel like a pregnant women these past four morning sickness(touch wood :P) unusual to track down pun..but now my tummy’s starting to show and the baby is kicking or doing summersaults god  knows i think now is a good time to start jotting down my first time experience ey?

Well..we’ve visited the gynae at Sunway Medical Center 4 times ..recent one was last saturday. Quite disappointed coz by now we should have known the gender of baby milo (our nickname for the baby) but the doc said no clear view of the gender..heck there’s no clear view of the baby in fact. Which brings me to a concern of mine…doc said my placenta is unusually large or thick or whatever. So got to do some blood test later (ouch) and will have another detail ultrasound next month on yusnO’s bday. Maybe milO wanna give his/her gender away as a present for his dad. heh. we’ll see

Last nights I’ve experienced minor cramps while as a the morning..what do you get? A very cranky nOami…heh..we’ll see if tonight there’s any changes

Don’t you hate it when people think as if they’ve got a license to say that someone is gaining weight/fat/getting big to the person just because she is pregnant?? hey pregnant women got feelings too..weng btul ..



  1. cool not yet a mama said,

    hellow hot mama..
    aku saja nak kaco ko.hehe..
    i’m the first person to post comment on ur blog.heehe.
    take care ya..

  2. Here we go again | phantOm of the mind said,

    […] I feel the need to start to blog it because I started this blog when I was around 5 months pregnant with zOey. That was in 2007..9 years -ish ago? (Read about my first post here) […]

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