almost TGIF

January 11, 2008 at 9:47 am (hOt mama, life, work)


I am sOo bOred!!!

it’s friday evening and i’ve finished my work at 5pm. now i have to wait for my hubby to fetch me. it is now 5.50pm and i think he’s still in meeting.. and having my stomach grumbling and having baby milO kicking every 10 minutes is not helping.

on other note..things are looking up work wise. new sub member that won’t be leaving..possibility of gaining a new team member. overall I’m quite anxious to finish this sub project before my maternity leave.he he he…

my tummy is getting bigger(i think)..tak perasan sebab hari hari tgk kan..tau tau dah besar..must remember to take full and clear picture of me being pregnant. until now there haven’t been any really proper pregnant picture of me.. heee..

somehow right now I feel like having pizza with cheezy crust.. or hashbrown..maybe I’ll cook hashbrown for bfast tomorrow..kalau ngidam sangat..maybe for tonight’s supper..hehe…

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