nOt yet (sigh)

April 8, 2008 at 11:19 am (hOt mama, life)

Surprise surprise. I’m still pregnant!! haiyOh…getting quite tiresOme. My last checkup was yesterday. My due date supposed to be 10th April now. Doctor checked and said my servix is nOt open yet and asked me to do lot of squatting exercise to make the servix open. Penat la buat banyak banyak. Kalau ringan takpe jugak. Ni macam dugOng nak menyangkung. A lot of walking exercise. Yes i’m walking everywhere. I got no problem with that. Still no sign (sigh)

The Doc gave me mc from yesterday until labOur. Which will be 15th (induced) if there are still no signs till then. So now we are staying at my mum’s house because it’s nearer to the hOspital.

I think my tummy must be really cOmfortable because she just refuse to cOme out. hahha. oUh well, I guess she will come out when she’s ready. My mum said I myself was 7 days late when she gave birth to me. So can’t complain byk byk laa… hahhaa..


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