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April 24, 2008 at 5:20 am (hOt mama, life)

zOey reena
on 13th april 2008

2.00 am :
While I was sleeping tetiba terasa basah..haish..takkan kencing atas katil kot..dah tua tua bangka… rupa-rupanya my water leaked. So gelabah kejap, then i woke yusnO up and we went to the hOspital.

2.30 am:
Sampai hospital, checked into the emergency ward. Then they took me up to the labOur room.

3.00 am:
My servix was only dialated 3cm. But my water leaked already. So they have to induced me to make my servix dialated faster so that the baby won’t suffocate later.
Try to get some rest but the contraction pain was my gOd…sakit nak mam..Was thinking should i take the ephidural or not.

6.00 am:
The midwife checked my opening. No progress. It was still 3cm. Crap! and the contraction was getting frequent and more painful. Double crap! I told yusnO i want to take the ephidural. So we have to wait for the anaesthetist to come in.

7.00 am:
The anaesthetist came in and gave me ephidural. At first it i can’t feel the pain so much. But there is still feeling in my legs. Then somehow the pain came back and I can still feel the pain as before. wth??!?!! So called the midwife and she increase my dosage. Until my leg were numb. haiyoh.. but no more pain.

8.00 am:
My gynae came and broke my water. My servix was still 3cm. Manage to get a bit of shut eye after that

10.00 am:
Baby heart rate suddenly dropped. Gynae said it could bring danger to the baby to hold the delivery any longer and have to perform caesar due to no increase in my servix dialation.

10.30 am:
Prep for the operation. Mula mula macam panic la jugak. Siap nangis lagi dekat my hubby sbb takut. Tapi lepas kena pujuk tu macam ok la skit. Then alamak.. my hubby cannot come in with me because ni emergency caesar. Triple crap!!

11.00 am:
Went into the operation room with the ephidural they gave me previously. Only they’ve incerased the dosage. The anaesthetist told me if I’m feeling any pain tell her so that she can add the drugs 😛 Damn horror. Whoever said caesar is an easy way out of labour is a stupid ass**le. I can still feel the pressure and surprisingly the pain as well. The anaesthetist added local drugs and morfin to my dosage. The worst part is when the doctor taking out the baby from my stomach. So much pressure to my body.

11.20 am:
There she was. My baby. I can’t hold her yet due to my stomach still ternganga blom jahit. But the nurse showed her to me and let me kiss her for a bit 🙂 Then off to see her papa. While Doctor was cleaning my uterus i think i passed out. heheh. Bangun bangun je dah out of the operation room. Thank god it was all over.

So there she was our baby girl. Zoey Reena binti Mohd Yusno. Weight 3.46kg. Length 52cm. Tak botak. (Thank god).

In the end, all is well. The cute baby and the hOt mama is safe. The papa is dOing well also.



  1. MOHD EUNOS said,

    May Zoey grow up to be anak yang solehah, berjaya dan menjadi role model.

  2. meela said,

    Congrats again my fren!!! :). A beautiful baby girl has borned….hopefully your life and Yusnos’ will be much exciting and fulfilled after this…jgn lupa doa untuk aku plak okayyy… :))

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