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May 8, 2008 at 8:38 am (hOt mama, life)

yes u certainly are my chatterbox. xoxo

  • My stitches are healing quite nicely. Well with nearly 2 dozens of pati ikan haruan plus gamat pulak, tak baik tak tau la.
  • My baby LURVEE to scream. I mean really scream on top of her lungs macam org kena dera 😛
  • I think I’m going deaf with constant zOey’s screaming beside my eardrums 😡
  • Lately I’m having trouble looking at the mirror without feeling depress.
  • 19 more days till I’m free from confinement 🙂
  • Mother’s day coming and I’m having trouble buying a gift for my mama because I’m stuck in the house. Hope will come up with something nice before Sunday.
  • I miss my car
  • I kinda envy my husband because he can go to work everyday and not deal with this baby-screaming-until-the whole-world-could-hear all day.
  • I’m a bit “sore” because all of the pain and side effect of having a child is being carried by women only. Laki senang je. Then we have to go through all this bullS**t to mantain our body or whatever just in the end to be pregnant again and having to go through all the process again! The result is sometimes I’m a bit disgruntled and cranky because I can’t xpress my “ketidakpuasan hati” to anyone. Cranky nOami. Heheh 
  • Truthfully I’m scared to be left alone with zOey. Takut tak boleh manage by myself. Plus. How am i going to raise this kid while pleasing everyone. Everyone have their own idea and ways how to raise this baby. And they expect us to follow their ways. Kalau tak ikut, ada yang terasa pulak. Pening Pening.
  • budak bucuk tu is crying again. got to go and see what’s up. I think it’s her feeding time. See you guys later 🙂


  1. jaja said,

    aku rasa aku pernah rasa apa yg ko tulis.. hehehe… 😛 aku rasa aku pernah mention, bila pregnant ok je.. bila labour pun belasah je rasa sakit tu… tapi paling seksa bila time pantang!!! rasa mati kutu beb!. 😀 takleh keluar rumah, takleh aktif sana sini.. seksa tau!.. tapi bila habis pantang and dah sihat…and bila tgk anak dah besar… rasa mcm rindu nak pegang baby kecik plak.. hahahaha.. itu aku lah.. ko aku tatau la .. 😛 tp memandangkan budget tidak mencukupi.. terpaksa lah lupakan hasrat itu.. heheh.. take care ya noami… insyaAllah after this semuanya ok… 🙂

  2. Rizzo said,

    wa hey…

    amacam besfren ku yang baru pas meraikan kehabisan pantang. hehehe… well lets see wut i can add up in here. i think bein’ the only guy that visits your blog, i would like to make do with contribution of thought from the men’s side of view. just to bring sum justifications on why guys are not allowed the ones to carry a child on his womb.

    reason number 1… we don’t have no womb… hehehe…

    number 2… some men have the “luxury” of having a belly… so with a child inside our tummy, man… i don’t think we can bare the extra weight…

    number 3… we don’t watch what we eat… so if the baby needs food… silap2 kitorg bg pepsi ja instead of breast milk…

    number 4… we don’t have breasts. but sum of us do have man titties…hahaha (not me ar… :P)

    number 5… i’m running out of excuses…

    number 6… ala you get d point. ahaxs… God has given you the privilege to carry another life in your body and should be very grateful for the rezeki of a child. some ppl are not that fortunate… so count your blessings.

    wish you all d best in raising zoey…
    don’t worry abg pyan will b there to lend a hand… ahaxs…


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