first trip as a family

July 31, 2008 at 12:38 pm (hOt mama, life) (, , , , , , )

Last weekend we went to singapOre. This is our first trip which include the new member of our family : budak bucuk zOey. Huhu… A very interesting and a very tiring trip!

It is a lot of work to bring a baby along on a trip. Firstly you have to bring a whole load of things for the baby! Penuh kereta beb!! Haha. Dgn stroller la..dgn pam la..dgn flask laa.. dgn baju baju napkins sumer..phew… First time I have to have a checklist before going on a trip to make sure we did not forget anything.

I’m not going to describe the whole trip but here are a few highlights of the trip:

Highlight 1
On our way there, zOey yg usually budak yg tak kuat nangis..tetiba menangis sekuat kuat hati dekat pagOh..punye la lama..first time dia nangis camtu..yusnO was driving so I was the one trying to pujuk her at the back. Rasa macam dah ilang sabar je.. I can’t even hear myself think at that time. After 15 minutes, she suddenly stopped crying. Pastu terus tersengih sengih..pelik pelik.


Highlight 2
We were going out for lunch; suddenly I remembered that I’ve forgotten my handphone. So I went up while yusnO and zOey waited at the lObby. When I entered the lift, a few Japanese asked me to wait for their other friends. So tunggu la. After all of them are inside the lift (penuh la kire lift tu) everyone started to thanking me by bowing at me and thanking me with their language. Hahaha..very awkward moment. So all the way up everyone keep bowing at me. Terasa macam maharaja pun ada..kih kih kih

Highlight 3
We were planning to go to Singapore zoo. Well that’s what I thought yusnO want. Tapi dalam hati macam I thought penatnye nak pegi zoo dgn baby. Nak bawak all the stuff, comot nanti, panas pulak tu. But diam je la kan. While discussing the night before going to singapOre, I mentioned to yusnO (konon konon bagi hint la kan) bila yg nak shopping kalau half a day dah dekat zoo. Then yusnO said “I thought you yg nak pegi?” dah sudahhh…I thought yusnO wanted to go and he thought I wanted to go. Tapi masing masing tak cakap apa apa sebab nak jaga hati. Haha..sib baik the topic were brought up before we actually went there. So in the end we figured the idea comes from zOey. Mesti dia yg bisik kat telinga kitorang malam malam yg dia nak pegi zOo. Takpe laling bila awak dah boleh jalan nanti baru kitorang bawak eeh zOey? Hehehe

nak pegi zOo

nak pegi zOo

Highlight 4
When walking in singapOre, yusnO keeps complaining that his jeans are wet. I just thought that he walked into a puddle or sOmething. Then he realized that his t-shirt was also wet. Check check..aiyoo seems like our hero here have dropped the bag he was carrying while he was in the toilet and broke the flask! So here we were, in singapOre, wih a baby, without hOt water!! Hehe. Thank god kat nursery shopping complex, diorang provide hOt water..hehehe

Highlight 5
We fOund out that our baby was an attention grabber. One time, while yusnO was at the gents, there’s one group of tOurist passing by. Tetiba semua kerumun keliling zOey…heh heh.. me not being a people friendly person just put up a fake smile while yusnO laughing away frOm far..ceh 😛


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happy bDay tO mama!!!

July 21, 2008 at 5:45 am (life) (, , , ) mama’s bDay smalam..celebrate at MFM.
ok laaa sdap..sebab kitorang sumer lapo..we gave her a frame with many faces of zOey.
Glad she loved it 🙂

happy bDay mama!!!!lOve yOu lOts!

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zOey is 3 mOnths old!!!!

July 14, 2008 at 5:30 am (hOt mama) (, , , , )

my first passpOrt
my first passpOrt baby gurl  is big already!!
tiga bulan dah…hmm…apa dia dah leh buat yerr…well..she certainly can scream..and i mean REALLY scream!

yesterday on her bDay, she manage to rOllover.. (meniarap) on her own..but only once..pastu penat ke phObia ke tak tau la..tak nak buat dah..hee..bila papa dia nk amik videO dia buat stOne je..heee
and one mOre.dia dah pandai tarik wOnt be lOng till she starts pulling my hair.. oUh nO 😛

abOve is her passpOrt photo…heee..sat lagi nak pegi ambik balik passpOrt dia..pergh penat…
one thing..when gOvernement said “service with a smile”…bullshit..harap gaji je dah naik…
buat keje layan org sumer cam sungguh kurang ajar…sia sia je kasi gaji tinggi 😛


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