clueless people

August 28, 2008 at 5:19 am (life)

sOme ppl to say.. blur? ataupun saja saja buat blur eh? I don’t know.

Logically la kan..using common sense.. let say..if you’re talking to somewhat not-so-skinny people. You don’t say in front of them that u think fat people are ugly right? tu example la..

same goes. if you’re from oversea u and you think local u grad are not good enuff, u don’t say it in front of a local grad right?

Maybe diorang ni blur people..or this is people yg boleh dikategorikan org yg cakap without thinking. or do they enjoy feeling superior than the other party?

hey i know everybody’s entitled to their own opinion but you have to consider other people’s feeling also kan?

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