happy belated bDay to my beloved hubby

December 30, 2008 at 9:56 am (Uncategorized)

happy birthday laling..didn’t get the chance to wish you on my blOg with all the celebrating yesterday 🙂 waah..betul betul punye celebrate eh my laling. gOt a lot of presents frOm our family and me :)) hehe.. bOught him a JVC v-cam. tOok him out fOr dinner at Italiannies i Sunway Pyramid. Yum Yum.. forgot to take picture of our deliciOus fOod 😛

I think I bought a lot of things this past week. for myself and also for others. its like some kinda shOpping spree. once a year whut..hehe.. i don’t normally spend money outrageously but..hey…what the heck..

let’s see. what have i spent on these past few weeks..hMmm..

   – perfumes (for meme and mama)

   – crOcodile shOes (for my hubby)

   – JVC camcorder (for my hubby)

   – ergo sit (for myself and yusnO)

   – baby blues mug(for yusnO), baby rOmpers(for zOey) & babyT (for me)

   – nikon D60 (for me)

and ladies and gentleman..that’s how i spend my bOnus money!!! hahaha


mangsa d60 yg pertama

mangsa d60 yg pertama

pandai pOsing

pandai pOsing

the ergO sits

the ergO sits

baby blues stuff for me,yusnO and zOey

baby blues stuff for me,yusnO and zOey


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