March 27, 2009 at 3:44 pm (life, work) (, , , , )

This evening..while I was driving home, I saw 2 interesting things that caught my eye :

1. It was raining, and there was a foreigner walking in the rain without shoes (kaki ayam la) I was wondering where is his shoes. He was carrying it in a plastic bag. My guess is he wants to make sure that his shoes is not wet, maybe it is his only pair of shoes? or maybe he have to wear those shoes to work tomorrow or he can’t show up to work at all? hMmm..

2. It was raining right..I was driving at LDP in the fast lane, when suddenly I saw at my right hand side at the plants planted in the divider middle of the road, the water sprinkler was on. Wth? It was raining and the stupid sprinkler was spraying water at the drowning plants like nobody’s business.


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