November 25, 2009 at 3:52 am (work) (, )

Penatnyeeee..semalam kena turun tangga 37 tingkat sebab fire drill..
Dulu dah pernah kena..dua kali..turun 36 tingkat..lagi sekali terlepas sbb pregnant..ini kena balik…nak lagi best tambah pulak satu tingkat…

hadOih….tapi rasanya kalau betul2 emergency…with the rate of us going down the stairs..comfirm mati hangus dah.. 😛


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November 23, 2009 at 8:29 am (life)

tatau apa nak tuliss..serabut dah ni…mentally and physically…i need to go to my timeeeeee~!~!!!!!

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bz bz bee…that’s me..

November 13, 2009 at 6:46 am (hOt mama, life, work) job has been quit hectic…got a lot of catching up to do with a whole new territory.. new things to learn..and fast!!!

here’s a quickie on what’s been going on inside and out of my head 🙂

1. New job this week. It is a bit frustrating because initially I can’t fully grab what it is all about. and I hate it when I do not fully understand things. Thank god I’m catching up thanx to the help of my anak buah 🙂

2. Coincidently there are few bosses here who’s quitting or taking long leave to look after their children. lucky are they..
This morning hubby went back home to take his forgotten hp…zOey was there greeting him happily…PapAaaaa!!! after hugging hubby…she said.. Mama??while looking for me..sedeyyynyeeeeeeee…..huwaaaaaa….rasa nak berenti keje jaga zOey jeee….huhuuuuu

3. Tadi ada one of my colleagues citer..ada his friend…driving…past by a mosque and there was a lot of people..dalam hati dia pk…hmm…ada org mati kot…sbb tu ramai org…then he pass by another mosque..pun ramai org…dalam hati dia..aik..sini pun ada org mati jugak ke..ramai nye org mati…rupa rupanyaa..biler dah balik…masyaAllah..hari jumaat rupanyaa..orang pegi semayang jumaat …hahahaa…(I was laughing my head off when listening to his story 😛 )

weekend…please cOme and dOnt ever leave me………

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November 10, 2009 at 1:39 pm (life, work)

nervOus…plus excited…..

oUh’s one after anOther…can’t I have a break? :P~

sOmetimes i wish i could just hide frOm everything and everyOne just for a day… (sigh)



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Bittersweet News

November 7, 2009 at 2:20 am (life, work)

This has been hectic week for me..a post interview..our colleague leaving..and then i found out that i’m leaving??..huhu..kalut sungguh..

I went for an interview for a mgr post on Tuesday…Everything went well except for as usual ypurs truly will have a nervous breakdown everytime before an interview session. I was the second candidate to go in..While waiting, lama sangat…aku dah nampak macam putih putih dah..ingatkan dah nak pengsan..huhu..(sebegitu teruk darah gemuruh aku) Lots of my friend couldn’t believe I have this issue since I am usually this is so unlike me..But believe me..I WAS NERVOUS LIKE ANYTHING…hahaha..

Yesterday, after my unit monthly meeting and farewell gift session and ucapan for my colleague Amrizal who will be transferred to YTN supposedly next week but had to be postponed because he need to transfer all his work to his team. I got a letter on my table saying that I got the post (memangku la tapi) and I start next Monday..macamana tu…aku beriya buat farewell kat org lain..aku yg kena blah dulu…isk…

How do I feel? well I am happy to get the post..but also sad to leave all my colleague, friends who are like a family to me. Bukannye jauh pun pindah tingkat atas je..but. I have been in this unit & office since I entered work which is in late it has been 6 years.. I belong here…all sorts of colorful characters in COSYS…I love you guys with all my heart..Thank you for everything..It’s been a priviledge to have worked with you guys 🙂

To my new job..I welcome with open mind and positive attitude. Insyallah I will do my best to do the job 🙂

p/s: wish me luck

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