Berbuka at Paddington House of Pancakes – Midvalley Gardens.

August 31, 2010 at 2:23 pm (Food Love Affair) (, , , )

We went for berbuka puasa at midvalley/gardens on Sunday. Paddington house of Pancakes is located opposite Chicken Rice Shop. Not our first choice, but considering other places are fully booked, we decided to went in anyway.

What I like.

  • The pancakes were delicious – i can’t remember the names  😛 we ordered strawberry pancake for zOey, choc & peanutbutter popia like for me and breakfast like dish (beans, egg, beef bacon with crepe) for hubby
  • well…sorry to say that’s about it..

What I do NOT like

  • They only take reservation if your pax is 5 and above. Below that, you have to just go in and wait for one hour like we did
  • The temperature is damn cold. Seriously…either they are trying to keep the ice cream from melting or just freeze us to death
  • The waiters are simply plain RUDE. The helpers are foreigners, my guess is from Philippines kot. Never once i see they smile. and they are so NOT attentive to customer needs. I’ve asked for plain water and set of fork & knife on different occasion. the rude waiter just node and until the end..i did not get either .  @#$%^$#^$#!@
  • Because of the cold temperature, our food gets cold fast 😦
  • When I asked for plain water the first time, the rude waiter said they only have mineral water. Later I saw plain water been given to other customer. haihhh…Feel like strangling the guy.

pumpkin tetap ada dimana mana


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cOol lip balm frOm blOop

August 23, 2010 at 12:21 am (hOt mama, life)

Yesterday I bought a lipgloss frOm blOop. What so special about it is, it is a clear lip gloss/balm but, when you put it on your lips (tried in on my hand before buying) the it turns into different shades of red depending on your body temperature. So in a way, the more hot stuff you are, the redder your lips will be..hahaha..

And it last up to 8 hours.. 🙂

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Buka Puasa at Manhattan Fish Market

August 22, 2010 at 2:35 pm (Food Love Affair, life) (, , , )

Tadi my family went berbuka puasa at Manhattan Fish Market at Subang Parade. All girls..the jantan jantan semua takde..hehehe..

Thank god we made reservations because it was fully booked. Good thing is we can pre order our food so that it would be ready when we arrived. Normally me and yusnO would share a Grilled Platter For One and a Perfect Catch. Tapi because my other half is not there, I opted for Grilled Fish of the Day and Perfect Catch (coke wa minum…mushrOom soup zOey makan).

Mama sepereti biasa order Fish and Chips. Tapi kali ni I am surprised…habisss confirm lapar puasa

Meme and Beine order menu yg me and yusnO selalu order…Grilled Platter for One….deliciOusss….

Kak Shida pulak order favourite dia..pasta seafood..nampak deliciOus..comes with sOtong and garlic bread..

Overall, good service and good fOod..only thing is make sure you booked first if you’re planning to bukak puasa there..if not…you will need to queue until other people finished eating..

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Tupperware!! Cuteness!!

August 22, 2010 at 2:08 pm (life) ()

Last week at my office they have a ramadhan bazaar all month long. There is this kak kiah who sells tupperware..ouh my…i really borong her tupperware stock..and become a member too. I mean it is really worth it. The tupperware is really useful (and it didnt hurt that they have cute designs too!!) So I have become member too. and after this I will enjoy 20% discounts for all the purchase of tupperware!! yey!!

Here are the tupperware I bought

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Day of Indulgence with Clarins

August 22, 2010 at 5:26 am (hOt mama, life)

Last month I bought clarins basic product for myself at Clarins Robinson, Gardens. Maggie was so helpful infroming me what product should i use first and how to use it (since I am quite clueless in these things).  and I also got free eye treatment from Clarins which I have not used yet 🙂

Then, 2 week ago i received a free invitation from Clarins. “A day of Indulgence”. Yey!! bestnye…Never pass a freebie!! So I call to confirm my attendance. My session was 11am. At that time tak jem lagi kan around midvalley. 🙂

So yesterday I went for the session. When I arrived there, only around 3 other people just arrived. I was surprise they gave each one of us a free goodie bag which consist of one lipstick, one smoothing & lifting serum (tester) and foot beauty treatment (tester) along with a box with 2 chocolate brownies. ouh, I also received 2 RM10 voucher for everyRM80  for clarins product, valid for that day only (which i did not use since I just bought their product last month)


I started with a shoulder and neck message behind the clarins room where they did all the facials. Then proceed with free makeover with Ms Hajar. Nice lady. She focus more on my eye make up. (terlupa nak amik gambar of myself..sorry yer)haha.. I like the tone she used on my eyes..brownish/gold…kire takde le aku keluar gi shopping mall nanti org stare pelik…natural make up 🙂

Then I went to the caricature table. While the guy was drawing my face, I found out that he was one of the cartoonist at my favourite comic when I was little – Gila-gila. Mr Ambo. wow..what a threat. haha..then begin me asking all sorts of questions. I hope he’s not irritated with all my chattering 😛 If you guys are interested in doing caricature or portrait you can go to his website

After the caricature, I have to wait for my turn for manicure. So i deciced to buy zOey’s avent bottle first. After buying her bottles, I did the manicure (only opted for clear manicure) and went home before the crowd starts to come in. I arrived back at subang around 1pm.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Thanks Clarins!! Looking forward for more session like this.. hehehe 🙂

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variOus expression of zOey reena

August 12, 2010 at 2:07 am (hOt mama, life)

1. zOey muka malas tapi still nak main

2. try untuk buat muka garang (garang cara dia la)

3. masih buat muka garang tapi dah start senyum sbb tgk mama papa dia gelak tergolek golek

4. muka sengih sbb happy tgk dia buat mama papa dia gelak tak berenti

5. 5 minit kemudian…..

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zOey dan labu labunye

August 11, 2010 at 7:01 am (hOt mama)

zOey with her favOurite stuff tOy…pumpkin (pronounce pangkin by zOey)..haih..anak org lain..stuff toy teddy bear ke…kucing ke..ini..pumpkin..bukan saja pelik malah not convenient nak usung pegi mana mana sebab menatang tu bulat..and besar..ouh..nak lagi best..pumpkin ni ada dua!!hahaha

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nOami & kawan nOami : puasa

August 11, 2010 at 6:53 am (work)

kawan nOami : weh..aku rasa dah kurus…

me : ….. (baru first day puasa and its only 12pm)


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My weird dreams

August 11, 2010 at 4:36 am (hOt mama, life) (, , , , , , )

Last night I dreamt a whole bunch of dreams…I dreamt :

  • I saw 2 puppy dogs beside my dance class shophouses and they are behind a grill or glass. Somehow i was thinking..I can touch them because they are not need to samak..but my hand was wet at that time..(agak bodoh)
  • I was on this weighing machine and I was 71kg!!! terkejut!

  • I was holding zOey and this makcik came and said “zOey is so cute…tapi kenapa dia sekeping sangat?” all this while holding zOey’s chubby lil hand
  • I ask my subordinate to buy me a wholemeal bread sandwich

Is this a sign showing that I’m thinking to much…or I am going insane? :P~~

p/s : Happy Ramadhan al Mubarak to all 🙂

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Our Rumba Routine

August 10, 2010 at 2:56 am (dance) (, , , , )

For all who didn’t know, I’ve been taking dance lessons since last February with yusnO, my sis and her friend.

We’ve finished with with basic dance and now are in Latin bronze stage and just finished our Rumba Routine.

So the purpose of this entry is for me to write down the routine so that I won’t forget and can always refer back to my blog. hehe

  • 1/8 Basic (3 x)
  • Fan
  • Allimana (end with starting position)
  • Spot Turn
  • Hand to hand (2 x)
  • Spot Turn
  • Fan
  • Hockey Stick
  • Basic
  • Rumba Walk
  • Natural Top
  • Hip Twist
  • Fan
  • Allimana
  • Spot Turn (end with feet closed together)
  • Cucaracha (both sides)
  • Side Step (2 x)
  • Basic (end with starting position)
  • Spot Turn
  • Should end with starting position mirroring the 1st step.

Next week….cha cha!!

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