chOo chOo train (LRT :P) ride fOr zOey reena

November 3, 2010 at 10:12 am (hOt mama, life) (, , , , , )

Last sunday we decided to take zOey for a ride on LRT seeing that she loves her thomas and chuggington cartoon so much. And whenever we past by LRT train she we scream out ‘Mama!!!Train!!”

This is not her first time on LRT. The first time we took her on LRT train was when she was 1year ++ (tak ingat la tu).

So we parked our car at my office (conviniently just in front of an LRT station). . Not forgetting her pumpkin, we take a short ride to KL central, had our dinner there and went back.

She was so excited,but in the train she did not talk much, just observing with her big eyes 😛 but when having dinner at KFC, we sat at the outside area where we can see the train pass by. My goodness, when every LRT train pass by/stops, she would scream loudly “Mama/Papa look white/blue/green (another) train!!!!! habis satu KFC tu dengar…mesti depa ingat anak aku ni peghak tak pernah tgk train..hahahaha


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