Mission to look for Gala Night Dinner outfit…

December 26, 2010 at 5:35 am (hOt mama, life, work)

My company is having this Annual Dinner in January. The theme is Glamorous Red so it is a good time to buy the dress considering it is christmas and year end sale going on all over the place.

Initially I was looking for a long dress, but after looking around at Empire, Midvalley, Gardens & Bangsar Village, i realized it is quite hard to find a red dress (somehow the dress i tried made me look  fat (or maybe i am fat? gasp) or the price was kinda heh heh..let just say not worth it and I don’t want to wear a boring black dress with just an element of red such as shawl.

So I’ve decided to wear my uni prom dress which is dark red (it still fits so I must not be fat !! ahaa!! hahahaha – while standing on the table laughing).  All i need now is a shawl to make it less “menjolok mata” considering it is a company event and I will be around my colleagues and bosses.

Yesterday I found the nicest shawl/short cardigans to wear with a dress at Robinsons. It cost RM199 which is quite ridiculous for just a shawl. I tried it with a short shocking pink dress (which i think i look kinda hot in – boleh lagi perasan tak noami?). It does look nice and different then just a normal wraparound shawl. But after further search, I manage to find a similar jacket/shawl there with only half the price with additional 20% off (yey me!!)  So I will be wearing a cheaper version of this shawl below during my dinner with my prom night dress. Now all I need is a pair of shoe… hehe..

For Yusno, well he was way ahead of me. We found a nice funky jacket for him to wear for the dinner last week. here is a teaser what he will look like on the night. (Please ignore the short and t-shirt. Hey you guys are lucky i did not post his picture trying my red kaftan)


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Hi. My name is bObOi

December 25, 2010 at 4:31 am (hOt mama)

Hello all. My name is bObOi.

Before this I lived in Toys R Us, Empire Shopping Complex, Subang Jaya. But yesterday a little girl named zOey bOught me hOme. She insisted in picking me (with all the chest hair nacho libres and all) despite there are my other siblings that are more cuter than me, such as crocodile, shark and boxing boy. Even though zOey’s mama and papa are quite reluctant to pick me (i think it’s because of my chest hair) because they love zOey so much, they just went along with her.

I arrived at my new home in USJ Subang Jaya around 10pm last night. zOey’s mama feed me water and air for me to become a full size.

Now I am the same height as zOey and leave in the living room instead of the small box before this. I don’t mind being kicked and punched by zOey because occasionally, she would also hugged me.

I hope I will stay here as long as I possibly could before being deflated and being put back in the bOx.

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Car seat

December 21, 2010 at 6:58 am (hOt mama, life)

My dad can be sO funny sometimes. Yesterday, my mom asked him to take out zOey’s car seat from her Myvi because later last night she and few of her friends are going out using the car.

After my dad took out the baby chair and he placed it in the living room and you know what. He tested the baby car seat! 😛  He actually sat on the chair and says “hMMm..this is comfortable, no wonder zOey likes to sit in it” (this coming from an ex MD) haiyOhh….i did took a picture of him but can’t upload right now because of my bluetooth at this laptop is quite funky. Will try later tonite at my other laptop. he he he (evil laugh)

Peace papa V-.-V hehehe

Updated (here you go)

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Family or Career?

December 7, 2010 at 12:27 pm (hOt mama, work)

I love my work but I think there are more important things than just work. And I am a firm believer of managing your time smartly. I won’t stay back in the office unless there are urgent suff that needs to be done. I do NOT stay at office just to kill time or to impress someone. Sadly in some cases, management would look down to those who goes back on the dot believing that people who goes back early does not perform and are not committed to their work..haiihh..what mentality..

Well, that’s life and that is an advantage for those who does not have children/family yet.

At times I do feel envy at them, but when I go back home, one look at zOey and non of that matters anymore. I am lucky to be blessed with a loving husband and an amazing daughter.

Career or Family? I’d choose family without a doubt anytime

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