Mission to look for Gala Night Dinner outfit…

December 26, 2010 at 5:35 am (hOt mama, life, work)

My company is having this Annual Dinner in January. The theme is Glamorous Red so it is a good time to buy the dress considering it is christmas and year end sale going on all over the place.

Initially I was looking for a long dress, but after looking around at Empire, Midvalley, Gardens & Bangsar Village, i realized it is quite hard to find a red dress (somehow the dress i tried made me look  fat (or maybe i am fat? gasp) or the price was kinda heh heh..let just say not worth it and I don’t want to wear a boring black dress with just an element of red such as shawl.

So I’ve decided to wear my uni prom dress which is dark red (it still fits so I must not be fat !! ahaa!! hahahaha – while standing on the table laughing).  All i need now is a shawl to make it less “menjolok mata” considering it is a company event and I will be around my colleagues and bosses.

Yesterday I found the nicest shawl/short cardigans to wear with a dress at Robinsons. It cost RM199 which is quite ridiculous for just a shawl. I tried it with a short shocking pink dress (which i think i look kinda hot in – boleh lagi perasan tak noami?). It does look nice and different then just a normal wraparound shawl. But after further search, I manage to find a similar jacket/shawl there with only half the price with additional 20% off (yey me!!)  So I will be wearing a cheaper version of this shawl below during my dinner with my prom night dress. Now all I need is a pair of shoe… hehe..

For Yusno, well he was way ahead of me. We found a nice funky jacket for him to wear for the dinner last week. here is a teaser what he will look like on the night. (Please ignore the short and t-shirt. Hey you guys are lucky i did not post his picture trying my red kaftan)


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