zOey and bra

January 8, 2011 at 2:11 pm (hOt mama)

At the department store (women clothing) with my mother and cousin

zOey : mak ngah..maktOk..there’s a lot of ice cream..

Mak ngah : (*looking puzzled* – ye la kan mana pulak datang ice cream kat women’s clothing) where got ice cream here zOey

zOey : gottt…got ice cream..chocolate…vanilla…

Mak ngah : where? show mak ngah.

zOey : there!

(pointing at bras arranged on the drawer )

zOey : see!! got ice cream scoop! vanilla..chocolate…strrawberry…

At this point of time..my mom and cousing were bursting with laughter..sib baik la takde org time tu..haruu haruu


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