old skOOl funfair!!

February 2, 2011 at 8:33 am (hOt mama, life) (, , )

Do you remember the old fashioned funfairs? The one that parents use to bring their kids before there were Sunway Lagoon, Wet World, Berjaya Times Square Amusement park, etc? The funfairs that were nomad-like, stay at one place for a while and then off to the next destination?

Well, I haven’t seen one of those in a while. Last time I went to a funfair was in 2002 I think. (still quite recent compared to those I’ve talked to). Few weeks ago, I noticed there was one of those behind my Kajang house (I think it is in conjunction of Chinese New Year kot)

Yesterday, yusnO, zOey, my cousin and me went to the funfair all gung-ho after postponing the plan the day before since SOMEBODY did not sleep in the afternoon which resulted that SOMEBODY to sleep early that night..haha.

Some things never changes :
– the games are still bloody hard to win 😛 (resulting of us collecting only keychains,pens and can drinks)
– the rides still make me notious
– the ferris wheel still is the center of attraction

And some things do:
– the tokens are expensive (1 token for RM2) Most of the rides and games costs you 2 tokens or more
– there are no entertainment (dulu dulu kan ada band rock kapak would perform or dangdut as i recall..hehe)
– i am riding little train to accompany my daugther..hahahhaa..imagine..big person..in a small tiny train..(tebal muka je laa labu…direct translation-just thicken your face pumpkin 😛 )

Will upload the pics after i get it from my hubby


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