I Love You

November 20, 2011 at 4:11 am (life) ()

how are you feeling tOday? hOw many of us usually say what we actually feel.. i am nOt saying we should say whatever comes through our mind (e.g. ‘move over bitch’ or  ‘idiot you’re supposed to know this because i have only told you about this a million time’) 😛 nO..not the negative stuff..i mean all the pOsitive feelings that you’re feeling.

how Often do we say ‘I like you’, ‘I miss you’ or ‘I love yOu’ to the impOrtant peOple in our lives. nOrmally we often take these things fOr granted and assumed that they would know hOw we feel. Newsflash! even the mOst basic peOple in our lives need reminders that we still lOve them every nOw and then. .and our asian culture of bottling in the emOtion dOes not help either 0_o’

fOr myself..I like to say hOw I feel when I like/love the persOn (be it my family or friends) ..and of cOurse to show in in gestures in everyday interactiOn with them..because I dOn’t know if they knOw hOw i feel for them and I wOuld rather say it and shOw it to them rather than risking them nOt knOwing at all 🙂

sO..fOr all the peeps out there..if yOu love sOmeone and yOu haven’t tOld them yet or you haven’t actually say it to them in a lOng time..please tell them tOday (preferrably together with a hug or a kiss 🙂 ) . cOz you never knOw whether he/she or yourself will still be arOund tomorrow.

(if you’re thinking of someone while reading my post..that’s the persOn that you owe to tell them hOw you feel)

i dO 🙂


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