Put her first

November 20, 2011 at 5:00 pm (life) (, )

Woman :  (invites man to go somewhere/be somewhere)
Man : Can’t go for whatever reason
Woman : Ok (being an understanding partner or just hiding her dissapointment)

Man :  I’m here (shows up anyway because he knows how important him being there for her)
Woman : [heart] (happy beyond words – imagining that her man made her his top priority)

See guys..it ain’t hard to make your woman happy 😉 we are not that complicated.  😛

One of my ex used to do this to me..he would say that he wOn’t be able to make it to an event that i asked him to attend, but then he would show up and Iwould be surprise and crazy happy because he made the effort to come even though he is busy or whatever reason he could not come. (or maybe he did that on purpose just because he knows i love surprises? hMmmm… )



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