Gala Nite Dress – Dazzling Purple

December 17, 2011 at 9:53 am (hOt mama, Uncategorized, work)

In my previOus post, I was rambling away on what to wear on my cOmpany’s Gala Nite Dinner with the theme of Dazzling purple. (read about it here)

Well, the dinner was last week and I found perfect dress (well I thought so) for me.. 🙂 fOund it while searching it with my best friend in The Gardens ISETAN.. it was the first dress i tried on that night..and i fell in lOve with it.. [heart] after trying, we went to few other shops to see other options, but my heart was set on this dress

But of course I can’t wear ONLY this to the dinner 😛 sO I managed to find a white satin cardigan with flowers in the middle and pair it with grey leggings. Curl up my hair and wear a small diamond headband..and this is what i wore on that day

ok laaaa kann for last minute effOrt??? 😉


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