Gegerls trip to Penang

February 25, 2012 at 7:59 am (life, work) (, , )

Its been a while since I went for an all-girls trip..last i remember was back in uni days..which was like..close to 10 years ago? +_+

This time it was with my colleagues aka. fwens in my office.. 7 of us decided to take a weekend trip to penang last week leaving our boyfriends/husbands/kids/cats behind. All  7 of us piled up in one of my friend’s exora van (or is it an MPV?) tak kisah la kan..cramming our not so light traveler’s luggage at the back.. (should have taken the pics of the luggage :P)

All psyched and ready to go (minus aida because she’s late 😛 bOo aida)

We arrived in Penang around 1-ish on Friday. Checked into our hotel at Gurney Hotel and then proceed to having lunch at Kapitan’s restaurant few metres away from the hotel. and i ordered roti nan cheese garlic with tandoori chicken..and…OMG it was the best roti nan and tandoori chicken i have ever taste…ever!!

drool :P~~~

Before going on this trip our assigned project manager Ms Tya have arranged our agenda during our trip..but i guess all of us are bunch of lazy people..and we only did i think 20% out of the whole agenda.. the rest was just lazing around in hotel, go to spa,  pool, shopping in Feringgi and of!! 😛

dinner at Tarbush

Lepaking alongside gurney road while waiting for Aida and Mas to buy shoes and hair clips at Gurney mall

Some more lepaking at Starbucks ( [heart] hazelnut hot choc)

Ouh..we did went to Hard Rock Cafe to more shopping XD and cam-whoring..

On sunday, we’ve decided to take ferry on to the main land due to some of the ‘jakun’ friends of mine which can’t remember being on a ferry.. 😛

Overall, it was a nice trip and we did survived 3 days without killing each other.  (apart from going back with a van full of shopping staff with minimal room to move :P) Which means we have much more in common than just work related things.. I [heart] u girls… (((hugs))) ..

Next trip??


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