My 31st Bday celebration

October 18, 2012 at 9:20 am (hOt mama, life, work) ()

Celebrated my 31st bday on the 28th September (i told you I have been bz :P)

My sis called me at midnight singing the most irritating and annoying birthday song ever. 😛 Then in the morning, zoey and yusno wished me before going to work. zOey have hidden chocolates for me in the closet..but she couldn’t find it (comel kan anak aku ni)

Durng lunch, my best friend asked to teman him tapau at the cafe. When we came back in the office, my friends apparently have arranged a birthday surprise for me (ada cake…topi …benda letup letup semua cukup)


When I got home, another surprise tea party was waiting for me (sib baik aku tak balik lambat) arranged by my family (also got cake..topi..tapi takde benda letup letup..but got balloons.. 🙂 ) and after cutting the cake, my dad treated all of us at Mr Tomyam in Solaris for dinner (they have branches but with diff name “Basil” in Bangsar Village)


I got to spend my birthday with my loved ones. What more could I asked for 🙂

Thank you Allah for letting me live for another year 🙂


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