My trip to Sabah

November 25, 2012 at 2:50 pm (hOt mama, life) (, )

I went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for meeting last thursday and friday. I went on thursday morning and i was so glad that the weather was sunny and bright which i thought would translate to a smooth flight 🙂


I got the second last row and window seat. Hey i like window seat so it was not a problem to me…until i need to go to the toilet +_+. The guy next to me was an old man and the guy who sat at the end was holding his baby. So i need to pick a correct moment to get up to go the toilet.

Attempt 1: baru nk bgn tiba tiba got turbulence due to bad weather so terbantut kejap sbb takut

Attempt 2:Was just gonna excuse myself when i realized the old guy was sleeping.Rasa guilty plak nak kacau.So tahan lagi

Attempt 3:The baby which the guy is holding was fast asleep on top of him. Tahan somemore

Attempt 4:Baru nak bangun lagi..they start to serve breakfast (by this time wa dah biru dah)

Finally when they cleared up the tray as fast as lightning i got up and excuse myself… :p

Note to self – go to the toilet BEFORE the flight take off

Dont even get me started on the landing..i was nearly dozing off, when the plane landed like a yo yo bumping up and down on the runaway. Macam nak tercabut jantung wa :p

I went straight to the office for my meeting. I guess in sabah the work culture is quite laid back. I waited for nearly 2 hours. The same thing happened the next morning. The person who asked me to be there at 8 am was no where to be seen at 8.30 +_+ but overall i did my job and the objective of my meeting was achieved 🙂

Apparently KK is a very friendly city. Everywhere i go, people are so friendly to strike up a conversation with me 🙂 I even saw this guy twice. One at the pasar filipin and one more time on my way back at the airport.

While i was in pasar filipin, i bought sea water pearl for my mom and congkak for zoey. Cool thing about this congkak that it can close to be a bird shape decoration 🙂 it is cool place to find souvenir minus couple of rats that keep crossing in front of me (if the rat even touches my leg, i think i would literally die! :p)

What i have learned from my trip was i am not good travelling alone. I am kinda paranoid and i am afraid to go out and explore all by myself :p i spent most of my time in the hotel and makan pun tapau and makan in the hotel :p On the last nite i had an early dinner (burger ramli je pun) and by 11 i was already hungry. Planned to order room service but the joke was on me. The hotel stopped serving at 11pm. So i went to bed hungry that night +_+




The flight back was not that smooth either. Bad weather and turbulence. With my fear of flight, my hand was gripping tight my armrest all the way :p

The flight safely landed (of course) and i went to get my luggage. While changing trolley and picking up my laptop, the back of my hand got scrapped?scratched? at the below metal of the trolley. At first i thought it was only a scratch but then the blood was flowing non stop. When i looked closer i saw that part of my skin was teared off. That explained the bleeding +_+ my luggage still hasnt come out so i can’t go to the toilet and i dont have a tissue with me. Terpaksa la aku tahan tekap dekat baju kaler hitam to stop the bleeding.


🙂 To my beloved company, please send me somewhere further so that I can enjoy business class somemore 😛


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What am i supposed to do?

November 25, 2012 at 9:23 am (life) (, )

He/she was mad at me

I asked whats wrong

He/she said its no use telling me because he/she assumed that i will say i am not wrong

He/she is still mad after few days

Told me what was making him/her mad but now that thing is currently beyond my control.

I cant do anything about it until certain period of time.

I apologized n try to make it up however i could taking into account my limitations even though im not sure it is accepted or processed in his/her head

He/she said dont worry about it.

Yet he/she is still not talking to me


(bang head to the wall)

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