If I do not cook, am I a bad person/mother?

February 12, 2013 at 4:45 am (hOt mama, life) (, , )

Why do people just won’t leave me alone? What did I have ever done to you? Did I hurt your feelings in some sort of way? Did I ever talked bad about you behind your back? I have been nothing but nice to you.

To dislike/talk bad and say I can’t be a good mother me just because I am not a housewife material is pure bullshit. I know you guys (not you my readers..well maybe some of you) love to cook and is a photocopy of Martha Stewart where all food must be from your own sweat and blood. The home must be perfectly tidy..prim and proper. I respect you and good for you. But I AM NOT LIKE THAT. I am not domesticated. Sure my mom try to ask me to cook at some point of my life but sorry. I just dn’t have the passion to cook every single day..and every single night..I do cook sometimes but it is because i love making pasta and baking..but not everyday. And also…to say bad things about me is one thing..but to talk bad about my mother and hurt her feelings..saying that she did not raise me properly. Well, you have loss all my respect for you. even if you are older..and cook and whatever..

Truth is..I prefer to enjoy life. Why do i torture myself to cook every single day if I don’t like it and in the end it would make me stressed, tired and most probably it won’t taste nice as well..If I can afford it, why not just buy and save all the trouble. It would make everyone happier. Same goes as household. Iam not a perfectionist. I prefer not to go all mad and crazy if my house is not in ‘showhouse’ condition where everything is in place..it makes my daugther and everyone else be more relax and laid back in the house. They do not have to worry if the cushion is out of place, few crumbs fell on the floor (you can always clean it up afterwords), the bed is not like ‘military’ perfect. We are all human after all.

I am not saying that I won’t change in future, but I do ask for people to respect my current ways of living. I do not go around telling you how do you live your life. People who are living with me are fine with this arrangement so far, so who the hell are you to say otherwise?

Ouh yeah…for those who made those comments to me..it is like calling a kettle calling the pot black. Try looking at your own daughters before looking at other peoples fault ya? 😉



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