Resipi Air asam boi

March 19, 2013 at 2:32 pm (Food Love Affair)

Saya mmg selama ni tak pernah minum or suka pun air asam boi. So bila ada berlambak lambak asam boi kat rumah and ada orang request ayaq asam boi.. what should a girl do? Google of course :p

Found this easy and delicious recipe to make air asam boi. Ingredients below will make one large glass of asam boi drink

– 1 biji limau nipis
– 2 biji asam boi
– 1/2 gelas air sejuk
– air gula atau gula secukup rasa
– ais

Cara cara
1. Basuh limau nipis
2. Masukkan limau (tanpa potong dan dgn kulit sekali), asam boi dan air dalam blender dan blend sehingga hancur
3. Tapis air ke dalam gelas
4. Tambah gula secukup rasa
5. Masukkan ais
6. Siapppppp 🙂

Selamat mencuba 🙂


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USJ 4 Burger Bakar

March 17, 2013 at 3:09 pm (Food Love Affair) (, , )

Nowadays burger bakar is like a blooming trend in Malaysia. Burger bakar is a burger with the patty normally home made and it is usually thicker and marinated with some herbs and sauce.

The first one that made known to public was the burger bakar “kaw kaw” in wangsa maju and they also got a franchise somewhere in puchong.

I hv tasted the “kaw kaw” burger and it was delicious but i don’t quite fancy the other ingredients in the meat patty like the fat portion which is hard to chew.

Last week i found out the famous usj4 burger stall started to sell burger bakar. Yippee! I thought, if it taste anything near their normal burger..the burger bakar will definitely be delicious. And i was right!!!! Behold my beef burger bakar with cheese and no vege:
The taste was out of this world (i’m drooling while blogging about this). The patty was pure meat and it was so tender and juicy. They are not stingy with the sauce so do expect your meal to be a bit messy.

Normal burger bakar with one patty is rm5.50. Cheese will cost you extra rm1. Worth every penny 🙂

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Smile :)

March 15, 2013 at 11:57 am (life)

I love to smile to people that i make eye contact with (who i find not creepy :p)

Normally most of them will smile back and few people will give me the “do i know u crazy woman??!” look. Hey but it’s cool.

Today while driving home near my housing area, i saw this gardener riding on a bicycle. I smiled at him from the car and he smile back at me with the most genuine and brightest smile i haven’t seen for quite some time (not in a gatal or creepy way)

The way he smiled back made it look like he really appreciated my gesture and it made his day. (tak tau la kot aku je ke yg perasan)

Hey mr gardener. Your smile made my day too 😀

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MAC’s Archie Collection

March 14, 2013 at 3:30 am (stuff I bought) (, , , )

There was a promotion in Midvalley for MAC makeup last week. I have never worn MAC make up before (I’m more to the cheap bought from the pharmacy makeup kind of girl 😛 )

But, what made me stop by their promotion booth was this…
Archie, Betty & Veronica!!! OMG!!

For those of you who don’t know, Archie is an American comic started in the 70’s and is still going strong till now. Me and my sister, we have been collecting Archie comics for years (her collection is way much bigger than mine)
So for the love of Archie, I decided to stop and try out few of their product just because I love the Archie packaging. There are 2 range : Betty Collection which is neutral color (She is the girl next door type and a goody 2 shoes in the comic) and Veronica Collection which is more striking (Veronica is a sexy vixen and a teaser character in Archie comic).

In the end, I bought

  • Finisher/highlighter(Betty range) RM 115
  • Blusher (Veronica Range) ~RM 80++ (Can’t remember)
  • Glitter eyeliner – which I’m wearing today (Veronica Collection) RM75
  • Mini MAC brush set (just because I like the Archie box 😛 ) RM 269 if I’m not mistaken
  • Free Archie candy heart in a candy tin box 🙂

So what do you think? Am I more to Veronica or Betty? 😛

For those Archie avid fans out there, look out for these collection at your nearest MAC 🙂 ouh..and don’t forget to bring along your credit card.

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Mak Bee roaming around in our office

March 1, 2013 at 2:10 am (work)

We got ‘Mak Bee’ following us around in the office.

Sounds scary isn’t it? Seems like there’s a banshee ala ‘Hantu Kak Limah’ roaming around in the office.

No..nothing like that.. for our case, Mak Bee is the nickname we gave for the gnat insect or we called them ‘agas-agas’ in Malay.

It all started when my colleague bought Mak Bee kuah rojak (a kind of sweet and spicy dipping) brand from Tapah, Perak. And whenever there’s the dipping on the table, the agas-agas will come out of no where. So we would just say, “Tutup Mak Bi tu” somehow after a while the name Mak Bee stuck as the nickname to the agas agas.


Nowadays, whenever once in a while when there is agas agas flying around one of us, we would say “Weh..Mak Bee dok ikut belakang ko”.

So if you ever drop at my office, don’t panic and freak out when we suddenly say , “Excuse me, tu ..Mak Bee dok ikut ko dari tadi” 😛

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