Mak Bee roaming around in our office

March 1, 2013 at 2:10 am (work)

We got ‘Mak Bee’ following us around in the office.

Sounds scary isn’t it? Seems like there’s a banshee ala ‘Hantu Kak Limah’ roaming around in the office.

No..nothing like that.. for our case, Mak Bee is the nickname we gave for the gnat insect or we called them ‘agas-agas’ in Malay.

It all started when my colleague bought Mak Bee kuah rojak (a kind of sweet and spicy dipping) brand from Tapah, Perak. And whenever there’s the dipping on the table, the agas-agas will come out of no where. So we would just say, “Tutup Mak Bi tu” somehow after a while the name Mak Bee stuck as the nickname to the agas agas.


Nowadays, whenever once in a while when there is agas agas flying around one of us, we would say “Weh..Mak Bee dok ikut belakang ko”.

So if you ever drop at my office, don’t panic and freak out when we suddenly say , “Excuse me, tu ..Mak Bee dok ikut ko dari tadi” šŸ˜›


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