Malaysia’s 13th General Election? Just saying… :)

May 4, 2013 at 5:30 am (life) (, , )

There is a lot of heat going on due to the Malaysia’s 13th General Election. Everywhere you look, people are talking about the Election ; especially in the social media world. It is kinda frustrating to see how uncivilised most of ‘strong’ supporters of the parties bringing down the other parties.

I am not siding any parties 🙂 this is purely my personal observation and opinion

When I see the manifesto of certain parties when they said if they win, they will give free this free that. Hey I am all for free stuff. But can our country afford giving everything free to the people without affecting our country’s fund? Some of it maybe can be materialized for example free tol or reduce tol rate because the cost of the highway construction have been compensate after long period of toll payment by the people. Maybe we can just pay for the maintenance cost.

But I also read certain parties are going to offer free studies for all?eliminate ptpn? wow..this is something else. Not only I am wondering how they are going to do this, but how is this going to affect the mentality of the students? You could see even now, uitm students (those that is only for Malays) are taking it for granted due to they think only because of their race, they can easily go in this institute (which is true) and they are taking this for granted.The quality of students that come out from it, sorry to say, it mostly rubbish. There are few of good ones but most of it… (sigh). Even if you look around and see the students, scholars or even with ptpn, they are cruising along their university days since all is paid for (even if it just LOAN and you have to pay back). They don’t appreciate the chance that has been given and taking everything for granted because they don’t have to work hard for it. Can you imagine if everything is free? how serious are they going to be in their studies when there is nothing to lose?

Looking at the campaign strategy. It sucks when everyone is talking bad about everyone because of this election. If looking at the social media (regardless whether what they say is true or not) it seems like all the candidates, no matter which parties you are, are either villain, corrupted or sex offenders..aiyoooo.. +_+

There are also some people who is not really convincing when they state their argument when they are expressing their
anger towards the other parties. I have these one friend, who’s father was an avid government supporters when he was young, and this friend told me that the wealth of the father comes from the projects or works that have given by the government. Now this friend is arguing that the recent government is corrupted and what not, but look at yourself friend. You don’t practice what you preach. You are still enjoying your father’s wealth and cruising through life with the money you claim is corrupted. Have you no shame? If you are rejecting all the money and living with your hard earn money to buy your car..your will make your argument more valid and i will have more respect towards you.

Whatever it is, people will really act differently when they have money and power. It is not a guarantee if we change the goverment, everything will be all peachy and fine. There will still be corruption and chronism no matter who rules. In my opinion, there won’t be any government in the world which is 100% clean. But we can always pray and hope towards that, either with the current or new government. It IS your choice anyway.

For me, I do not hope for free service and free everything. Malay privilege is not top priority for me (this could hurt the Malays if we keep giving everything so easily for them). I love that Malaysia is a multiracial country.

The only thing I hope from the new government is for a peaceful country for me and my children and future generation.

p/s: bimbo mode on : i love all the colorful campaign flags regardless the pretty~~ >.< wonder who is going to clean it all up afterwards :p


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  1. Syahidah said,

    Jia You!!

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