Happy Eid Mubarak 2013

August 10, 2013 at 2:41 pm (hOt mama, life) (, , )

Salam Aidilfitri/Happy Eid Mubarak from my humble self. Maaf zahir batin 🙂
So what do u guys did for this eid? Me? The same old same old.. :p Beraya with families..eat..watch tv..eat..enjoy the non existence traffic in kl..eat.. :p basically i am not surprised that i have lost 5kg in a month but gained 2kg in just 3 days +_+

My family and i played firecrackers and sparkles these last few nights because of zoey (sebenarna yg tua tua yg gian nak main) My sister bought this one big firework that suppose to come out pretty sparkles but we just assumed that it will be bigger since the size is also bigger. So last night we decided to light up that big firework. Because we did not know how big it will come out..we put it in the middle of the road away from all the cars and wires..

When we light it up..to our dissapointment..it is just like the usual stuff we bought..so we assumed maybe it is more expensive because it last longer..(and it did). So we came nearer to look at this fireworks when suddenly at the end..it became like fireworks on steroids with all the sparkles coming out from all direction with machine gun like sound..lintang pukang semua lari beb! :p hahaha..haru btul.. Kesimpulan.. Jgn la main mercun yg size besar besar dan yg kita tak tau tabiat dia.. :p
Salam aidilfitri my lovelies 🙂


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