3 more days to 32

September 24, 2013 at 4:08 pm (hOt mama, life) (, )

4 more days and I would have officially lived and walked on this earth for 32 years…

Dulu masa kecik rasa 30an tu dah tua … kalau 40 50 tu dah kira tahap atuk atuk nenek nenek… Skrg..rasa 30 tu macam masih muda remaja..mungkin saya berada di dalam denial stage..hahahahahhaa.

Bila orang tanya what do I want for my bDay..seriously i do not know what to answer. Cuma doakan panjang umur murah rezeki je kot. I am so blessed and grateful that I have lovely family and friends (walaupun tak banyak..tapi yerr..kita pentingkan kualiti yer..bukan kuantiti :P) They mean the world to me. Maybe one thing that I want is..time from my family and friends.. lately semua bz dgn hal masing masing..and there have been certain issues that makes some of my friends/family can’t get along together.  Masing masing ada ego and I know they have been hurt. But i really miss those days when all of us can get along together..I know it is a lot to ask..but..yes..that is one my top wish list ..

Ouh..tapi kalau sapa sapa nak bagi saya 1 juta USD…I would gladly accept it with arms wide open 😛 hAHhahahHAhhahaa!!! (tanda tanda org tua nak meroyan tu dah ada dah)



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Gap Malaysia membership

September 3, 2013 at 2:42 am (stuff I bought) (, , )

I’ve been searching for the right jeans for quite some time now. Searching for boot cut jeans to be specific. Asyik jumpa skinny jeans je bila jalan jalan usha jeans.

I know that there are boot cut design at Gap but it is a bit pricey for me. Need to have some proper planning :p
So i joined gap membership this month which is also my bday month.Paid rm30 and i got a Gap thumbdrive and landyard as well. With the membership i am also eligible to get 30% bday discount immediately :p
Bought 2 jeans..sexy boot cut..the cutting is fit on the butt (which is good since my ass is not big so usually it will look empty and loose when i am wearing pants 😦 ) , fit on the thigh and loose below the leg..makes one’s legs longer and slimmer 🙂
Total of discount i got was rm160 which is way higher than the amount i paid for my membership :p yey!

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