MBO Starclub Membership Program

November 17, 2013 at 7:38 am (stuff I bought)

Tadi i went to subang parade to wash and wax my car. While waiting, stumbled upon the MBO counter opened near the information counter.

I decided to sign up as a member since it’s free! (The word FREE did it for me :p). Also when u signed up, u will get free large popcorn but today is the last day. Since i signed up for 2 person, i got 2 free large popcorn.

While queing nak amik popcorn (tak tgk wayang pun..mkn popcorn je) i was thinking nak redeem one only..lagi satu burn la kot..sbb if i redeem 2 large popcorn it will be wasted only. Tapi tgk ada these 2 school girls ke uni girls tgh beratur in front of me..so i offered to give them the other large popcorn..muka diorang cam takut2 je..agak ingat pompuan gila mana ke nak bomoh ke..tapi lepas explaining to them that i have extra popcorn voucher..baru diorang macam happy nak accept. Lepas dapat popcorn siap salam salam wa lagi..

By the way..byk benefits of having these membership other than collecting points
– 10 points for every rm1 u spend on movie tickets,popcorn & drinks
– points can be used to redeem movie tickets,popcorn & drinks
– rm9 for any movies anytime on Tuesday
– free movie tickets on birthday month
– Allstar priority ticketing lane
– Free movie screening & movie premiers

So for those who always spend their time at mall that has MBO..feel free to sign up. You may not get the large popcorn voucher anymore but it’s free and u get to enjoy many benefits and priveleges.



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