McD delivery Malaysia..Get your act together for goodness sake +_+

June 21, 2016 at 7:40 am (Food Love Affair) (, , , )

Dear McD..

At first I applaud your initiative to go fully online this 1st July for your online delivery since your customer service kinda suck.

But when I downloaded the mobile app and choose my meal and want to check out, seems like my shopping cart is still empty. So I tried again, and again and again, maybe close to 10 times, still the f***ing cart is still empty. I was not impressed anymore. Don’t you guys have a testing team or QC to thoroughly test everything before making it official? I read the review at app store and it seems like most of the people are also complaining about the same thing. Some complain that the app can’t even find their address. So yeah…McDonald Malaysia…your mobile app SUCKS!!! and you guys are not doing anything about it. It is still the same version, no update, no patch..NOTHING!!! and yet you guys are still promoting to cut off the call delivery starting 1st July.

And don’t get me started on your call center for delivery. +_+

Please la McD Malaysia. Get your act together.

Hungry Frustrated Angry Pregnant Lady.



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Here we go again

June 14, 2016 at 2:54 pm (hOt mama, life) (, , )

What can I say other than..surprise! I’m pregnant 😛 5 months pregnant to be exact.

I feel the need to start to blog it because I started this blog when I was around 5 months pregnant with zOey. That was in 2007..9 years -ish ago? (Read about my first post here)

Just a brief comparison as far as I remember :

  1. Symptoms
    • Same as my last pregnancy, I didn’t suffer any morning sickness during first trimester up until now (touchwood). And as of now, I don’t suffer any low blood – diva – rasa nak pitam – hands on forehead yet like the last time 🙂
  2. Mood
    • during the first pregnancy I would cry at anything and everything..Now…less crying but more I am f**king angry at the whole world kind of thing. Simplest thing would set me on fire. Now I am taking the approach of keeping quiet before people starts calling me Crazy Pregnant Lady.
  3. Physical
    • I am DEFINITELY older than before..a lot older.. Baby bump still looks kinda small (same as when it was with zOey)..My rear end and legs are unaffected -no weight gain to these parts as of now. My bust on the other hand are happily growing like nobody’s business.. +_+ Keep bumping into things…So not use to it. I wonder how Pam Anderson walks without chest bumping anyone 😛 I am easily tired and experiencing short breath.. And recently I sprained / pulled a muscle at my hips..not sure is it because the baby weight or its because I am getting old +_+.. I am sitting like a robot as I am typing this post. Still recovering from the sprain.  Good new..Still no stretch marks (yey)…keeping my fingers crossed it maintains that way until the end .. 😛

As of now, no names yet, we made a big mistake to ask zOey to suggest names. Now she is naming all her class mates name as options… +_+

Will blog about how did zOey reacted when she first found out about the baby later.

Nite nite..and Salam Ramadhan to all


Latest picture was so messed up, I couldn’t tell anything by looking at here’s the outdated one (3 months)



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