My personal review on Pokemon GO after 24 hours playing it

August 7, 2016 at 6:24 am (life) (, , , , , )

Pokemon GO finally arrived in Malaysia yesterday and i downloaded the game and joined the bandwagon to see whats the “hu ha” all about about this that created a craze all around the world

My take after one day of playing Pokemon GO:

1. Pros

  • This game will make you want to go and explore new places to collect new types of pokemon. Advantage for those who likes to travel

  • You need to actually walk to make sure the eggs in your incubator is hatched (after certain km of walking). Therefore, you will get much neeed exercise that everyone nowadays is lacking

  • Players will be able to meet new people when chasing the pokemon or going to the gym (pokemon training center)
  • People can actually leverage on the location of the pokestop and gym to make small business or attractions
  • Event coordinator can liaise with d pokemon admin in future for setting up rare pokemon at their events to ensure the crowd coming in

2. Cons

  • You will be walking with your eyes glued to your phone all the time to ensure that you dont miss any of the pokemon
  • It is dangerous when driving because drivers will also stop or slow down without any reality obstacle in front just to get to pokestop or catch pokemon
  • This app will drain your hp batts and data for sure if you on it 24/7
  • You cant figure out if there are people roaming around your house area because they are robbers or they just want to that pokemon in your garden
  • Weirdly most of the gym are at religious spots like masjid, tokong and kuils. It might be pros or cons depend on the way you look at it

  • Technically the app ui is not great but it rides on the human nature of competing and collecting these pokemons to get bragging right among their friends.The gps are confusing and it is not very accurate. The augmented reality is not to my liking was well since the distance of the pokemon when throwing the ball is really off. (Or is it just me?) and almost all the time, the pokemon will just appear in front of you camera. No challenge to look around for it.


    As long as you know your limit and dont endangered yourself or others while playing this Pokemon GO. Go ahead. It is just a game anyway 😁 For me, since i have a very short attention span, i might likely stop playing after 3 or 4 days if i stay at the same area and keep bumping to the same pokemon again and again 😅


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    Does size matters?

    August 2, 2016 at 1:19 am (hOt mama, life) (, )

    Does tummy size when pregnant really matters as long as the baby is within the normal weight/progress?

    People keep asking me or more directly commenting to me regarding my pregnant tummy.

    • Your tummy is too small.
    • You are pregnant?
    • Why suddenly your tummy is so obvious?
    • Can’t see your tummy
    • Your tummy is big
    • (don’t get me started with those who like to poke and touch my tummy randomly)

    Sian baby aku..confuse dia nak membesarkan perut or not based on these contradict comments. For me as long as she is healthy. I have no problem with it 🙂

    Note: Please forgive me if I either way snapped at you if you asked me these questions. Blame it on pregnancy hormons 😛

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