Does size matters?

August 2, 2016 at 1:19 am (hOt mama, life) (, )

Does tummy size when pregnant really matters as long as the baby is within the normal weight/progress?

People keep asking me or more directly commenting to me regarding my pregnant tummy.

  • Your tummy is too small.
  • You are pregnant?
  • Why suddenly your tummy is so obvious?
  • Can’t see your tummy
  • Your tummy is big
  • (don’t get me started with those who like to poke and touch my tummy randomly)

Sian baby aku..confuse dia nak membesarkan perut or not based on these contradict comments. For me as long as she is healthy. I have no problem with it 🙂

Note: Please forgive me if I either way snapped at you if you asked me these questions. Blame it on pregnancy hormons 😛


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A lot of things going on

July 28, 2016 at 3:35 pm (hOt mama, life, work) (, , , , , )

I am tired..maybe it’s because of being pregnant at this age..or maybe it’s work stress..maybe it’s just my life

I am emotionally and physically drained at work but I tried very hard not to show it. I feel like I am carrying a lot of “unseen” responsibilities currently and need to sort it out before I go off for maternity. So I need to toughen it up and pull it least until I go off for the long leave

I am going to be 35 years old in 2 months..I think age is catching up really fast and I can really feel it during pregnancy

  • My feet hurts pelvic kinda hurts on and off..even though people say my tummy is relatively still small for 6 1/2 months..Can’t imagine how I am going to walk around when I am 8-9 months.
  • I often are short of breath now and then, not sure why.. (i gave up googling for symptoms because it always shows result telling me I am dying because of critical illness)
  • I am easily tired.. (not sleepy) but fatigue..kinda hard because I really need try to fight these symptoms off when I am in the office.
  • Body ache.. Gosh I feel like 100 years old every morning when I need to wake up

I think I have passed the stage of pissing off with everyone and everything 😛 Now I think I am more sensitive/sad instead of getting mad

  • Work – I am not sure whether I am supposed to feel this or is it because I am pregnant..(can’t really tell the difference nowadays).. I am sad because I am contributing the best I can with the skills and effort that I have, and somehow it is not appreciated or supported. And somehow the decisions or the directions they have made, it has been proven that it doesn’t work and yet, the effort and support are still channelled there. It comes up to a point that I think, if I am not really needed or if my functions is not important, why have this function or even me here at all.
  • Pregnancy – Not feeling really good about my body (refer to above on the physical part), but I think my partner has done really good job taking care of my emotions regarding this. But there are people that is really….”mintak penampar” with their comments.
    • Looks at my baby bump and laugh. Not sure what is so funny about it? If you are happy, that is different. I can clearly see that you are laughing at my tummy. What is wrong with you? never seen a pregnant lady before? And hey, when you are fat, have I ever once…make fun of you? NO…because I am not that shallow. And …people just dont laugh at tummy of a pregnant are just lucky that I did not just bitch slap you right there. Look mister.. (yes, only men can be this stupid / shallow) I may be having large tummy now but there is a beautiful baby growing inside me.. what’s your excuse?
  • Looking around see men/sometimes women that just not even covering their shallowness. They would be proud taking pictures with so many people of their of opposite sex. The more “gedik” the better. They would be following only sexy/beautiful/ hot opposite sex at their social media and liking their pictures religiously.. ouh god..puhlease laa weh.. (I am aware that maybe I am being over emotional due to the people who laughed at my tummy at my previous point)..

My goals after giving birth that I realize that age is catching up with me..and I only have this body to live with the rest of my life, I should be taking better care of it. (also, need to get into shape that I can show to the one who laugh at me.. if he is not is normal to have a tummy when you are pregnant (duhhh) and you can get back to shape after the baby is born.. (did it once..i can do it again) so dont be an ass and ever laugh at another pregnant women again about her tummy or weight.

Gonna get some Zs now.. good night all.


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Here we go again

June 14, 2016 at 2:54 pm (hOt mama, life) (, , )

What can I say other than..surprise! I’m pregnant 😛 5 months pregnant to be exact.

I feel the need to start to blog it because I started this blog when I was around 5 months pregnant with zOey. That was in 2007..9 years -ish ago? (Read about my first post here)

Just a brief comparison as far as I remember :

  1. Symptoms
    • Same as my last pregnancy, I didn’t suffer any morning sickness during first trimester up until now (touchwood). And as of now, I don’t suffer any low blood – diva – rasa nak pitam – hands on forehead yet like the last time 🙂
  2. Mood
    • during the first pregnancy I would cry at anything and everything..Now…less crying but more I am f**king angry at the whole world kind of thing. Simplest thing would set me on fire. Now I am taking the approach of keeping quiet before people starts calling me Crazy Pregnant Lady.
  3. Physical
    • I am DEFINITELY older than before..a lot older.. Baby bump still looks kinda small (same as when it was with zOey)..My rear end and legs are unaffected -no weight gain to these parts as of now. My bust on the other hand are happily growing like nobody’s business.. +_+ Keep bumping into things…So not use to it. I wonder how Pam Anderson walks without chest bumping anyone 😛 I am easily tired and experiencing short breath.. And recently I sprained / pulled a muscle at my hips..not sure is it because the baby weight or its because I am getting old +_+.. I am sitting like a robot as I am typing this post. Still recovering from the sprain.  Good new..Still no stretch marks (yey)…keeping my fingers crossed it maintains that way until the end .. 😛

As of now, no names yet, we made a big mistake to ask zOey to suggest names. Now she is naming all her class mates name as options… +_+

Will blog about how did zOey reacted when she first found out about the baby later.

Nite nite..and Salam Ramadhan to all


Latest picture was so messed up, I couldn’t tell anything by looking at here’s the outdated one (3 months)



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Other cool benefits of wearing hijab

January 18, 2014 at 11:20 am (hOt mama, life) (, )

Covering ur aurat is a must if ur a muslim. Since i started to wear hijab last year, i have also discovered other benefits of wearing hijab. So i sketched something about this topic..hope u guys like it 🙂


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Hairy post :p

November 16, 2013 at 5:56 am (hOt mama) (, , )

After i started wearing tudung/hijab since july..i think i have kinda neglected my hair.. :p

Usually i will just tie it up in a bun and wear my tudung and kinda terbawak bawak dekat rumah also..i will always have my hair in a bun considering my hair is really long.

Now my hair is kinda dry and unkept due to the negligence on my part (macam ala hantu kak limah la lebih kurang..).

So today i’m treating my hair (myself as well) a day in the saloon.. Getting a drastic style change and also treatment for my poor hair 🙂

Note : getting bored sitting in the saloon hence the random post about my hair.. :p


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Nutella brownies

October 21, 2013 at 3:46 pm (Food Love Affair, hOt mama) ()

Hari ni agak stressed for me.. I took leave today planning to spend a day out with zoey. Siap dah make appointment to go dentist for check up.

But last night,zoey had a high fever. Thank god i already applied leave. so it was stay at home taking care of sick kid instead for me. Actually senang je jaga zoey ni masa sakit..cuma biasa la..dia nak menyendeng je.. Most of the time dia high on ubat and saya bagi dia chance utk layan cartoon all day..

Masak kat dia bubuq..for me..i ordered mcdonald delivery. After waiting for an hour, mcdonald called and tell me they could not delivered due to rain. This was the second time within 7 days!! First time they called after an hour telling me tak boleh hantar sbb blackout. Tensi btul..kalau tak leh hantar..why dont u guys just call me earlier so that saya tak cam org bodoh tunggu je..

Disebabkan stress dgn mcd..saya trus pegi dapur and masak nutella brownies.. Walaupun takde kena mengena tapi saya reti baking dan tak reti nak masak ala ala melayu lauk pauk untuk hentam je lah..

Sib baik jadi.. 🙂 kalau tak mau aku bakar dapur tu tadi..

The recipe? Easiest thing ever. All u need is as below

Nutella brownies
1. One cup nutella
2. 10 table spoon flour
3. 2 eggs
4. Hersyeys semi bitter choc chip

1. Heat the oven to 180celcius
2. Mix all the ingredient in a mixer
3. Baked it for 15-20 minutes..


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3 more days to 32

September 24, 2013 at 4:08 pm (hOt mama, life) (, )

4 more days and I would have officially lived and walked on this earth for 32 years…

Dulu masa kecik rasa 30an tu dah tua … kalau 40 50 tu dah kira tahap atuk atuk nenek nenek… Skrg..rasa 30 tu macam masih muda remaja..mungkin saya berada di dalam denial stage..hahahahahhaa.

Bila orang tanya what do I want for my bDay..seriously i do not know what to answer. Cuma doakan panjang umur murah rezeki je kot. I am so blessed and grateful that I have lovely family and friends (walaupun tak banyak..tapi yerr..kita pentingkan kualiti yer..bukan kuantiti :P) They mean the world to me. Maybe one thing that I want is..time from my family and friends.. lately semua bz dgn hal masing masing..and there have been certain issues that makes some of my friends/family can’t get along together.  Masing masing ada ego and I know they have been hurt. But i really miss those days when all of us can get along together..I know it is a lot to ask..but..yes..that is one my top wish list ..

Ouh..tapi kalau sapa sapa nak bagi saya 1 juta USD…I would gladly accept it with arms wide open 😛 hAHhahahHAhhahaa!!! (tanda tanda org tua nak meroyan tu dah ada dah)


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Have you ever tried Marine Collagen Seaweed?

August 22, 2013 at 6:04 am (Food Love Affair, hOt mama, life) (, , , )

Have you guys heard about Seaweed Marine Collagen? First learn and saw this thing is during a visit to my cousin’s house during raya celebration 2 weeks ago. Supposedly it is really good for your health and also beauty. So I tried some. my cousin just put it in the water for one night i think. It’s shaped like white vegetable…chewy but tasteless.

Seems like you can get these raw marine collagen in Sabah a lot (i really mean a lot) cheaper then in West Malaysia. Kebetulan my dad was there, So I asked him to buy few packets for me.

Sekali balik..sampai 6 paket besar dia belikan…tapi ni kaler lain skit..kaler hijau..yg masa i was white..yg my dad beli ni..kaler hijau..sekali pandang cam ganja pun ada..hahahhaa..
Camne cara penyediaan dia?

  • Basuh macam gaya basuh beras
  • Rendam semalaman or 8 hours (caution it will expand :P)
  • Rebus

Done! 🙂 the rebusan tu when kept in fridge will become like jelly. You can eat it just by itself (one spoon morning and night) – rasa agak pelik skit.. or lenyek2 kan dia and minum dgn air. Air sirap ka..sarsaparila ka..Air kosong pun boleh.. I like to drink with sarsaparila..rasa macam cincau pun ada.. hehehe..
Yg hampas hampas can asingkan and letak kat muka as face mask..letak kat kulit mana mana yg u nak tegangkan ke.. I put it as a face mask. Masa kering tu rasa tegang giler muka. After washing..rasa kulit fresh..sejuk..and lembut.. I think need to do it many times before the effects can be seen.
But the immediate result after trying this collagen for 2 days is, I have more energy and I can get up in the morning easily (not that easy but easier than usual) even though I slept late the night before.

Below I’m the other benefits of marine collagen for those who are interested to try this thing out :

-Adjust the weight and stabilize hormone
-Enhance immune system and body metabolism, firm up breasts, and buttocks muscles , hair and nails healthy:
-Strengthen the abdominal system
-Preserving thyroid glands – Iodine in it is said to improve the function of thyroid gland and to prevent diseases such as Goitre (swollen thyroid gland)
-Reducing premature aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin
-Reduces cellulite , improve blood circulation, reduce back pain and shoulder
-Strengthens bones and joints, arthritis and osteoporosis
-Increase of cartilage, ligaments and muscle
-Treating gout
-Prevent cancer/tumor
-Lowering high blood pressure
-Increase digestive function /digestion, treat gastric
-Treating anemia
-Lowering cholesterol levels in the body , absorb the excess salt in the body (paralysis) , smooth, tight, and smooth the skin
-Accelerate shrinkage and eliminate acne scars
-Stimulate the production of new skin cell, heal wounds
-Preserve the small intestine (prevent ) constipation
– Helps to treat gastritis.
– Acts as an antifungal and antibacterial
– Provide energy and strengthens the body
– Helps to stabilize blood sugar.

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Happy Eid Mubarak 2013

August 10, 2013 at 2:41 pm (hOt mama, life) (, , )

Salam Aidilfitri/Happy Eid Mubarak from my humble self. Maaf zahir batin 🙂
So what do u guys did for this eid? Me? The same old same old.. :p Beraya with the non existence traffic in :p basically i am not surprised that i have lost 5kg in a month but gained 2kg in just 3 days +_+

My family and i played firecrackers and sparkles these last few nights because of zoey (sebenarna yg tua tua yg gian nak main) My sister bought this one big firework that suppose to come out pretty sparkles but we just assumed that it will be bigger since the size is also bigger. So last night we decided to light up that big firework. Because we did not know how big it will come out..we put it in the middle of the road away from all the cars and wires..

When we light it our is just like the usual stuff we we assumed maybe it is more expensive because it last longer..(and it did). So we came nearer to look at this fireworks when suddenly at the became like fireworks on steroids with all the sparkles coming out from all direction with machine gun like sound..lintang pukang semua lari beb! :p hahaha..haru btul.. Kesimpulan.. Jgn la main mercun yg size besar besar dan yg kita tak tau tabiat dia.. :p
Salam aidilfitri my lovelies 🙂

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Cleaning up my closet..

August 10, 2013 at 8:20 am (hOt mama, life) (, , )

Yesterday i finally managed to clean up my closet. Since wearing hijab..lots of my short dress and skirts are no longer wearable for me.. (that and also my mom keeps complaining for me to clean up my closet since my closet punya palang tu dah patah more than 3 times :p)
Well..after 4 hours of cleaning and sorting..i think i have gotten rid more than half of my clothes. Some of the clothes i have given to my niece.. (my heart does breaks a lil when giving away all of my fav dresses since all of them have their own memories attached to it). The rest of it i have donated them to charity..

End of the closet does looks kinda bear..but fret does give me reasons to do more shopping!!

For a girl who has just wore hijab for a month..i sure have a lot of scarfs..i just realized this yesterday when folding and hanging all of them.. :p

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