Interesting Way to Jot Down Your Thoughts

October 17, 2014 at 2:02 pm (life, stuff I bought) (, )

Bought this cool book from Typo in Nu Sentral today. Actually.. It’s more of a notebook 😉

Title is Thoughts n Reflection where you write one liner each day based on the question given (diff questions each day) and it has space out the book so that you can write in it for 3 years.
That way you can reflect and compare your answers throughout the years. Interesting right? I also bought it because the cover is soooo pwetttyy..polka dot summore :p
Let’s see if i can diligently write in this book everyday without getting bored or losing the book :p


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MBO Starclub Membership Program

November 17, 2013 at 7:38 am (stuff I bought)

Tadi i went to subang parade to wash and wax my car. While waiting, stumbled upon the MBO counter opened near the information counter.

I decided to sign up as a member since it’s free! (The word FREE did it for me :p). Also when u signed up, u will get free large popcorn but today is the last day. Since i signed up for 2 person, i got 2 free large popcorn.

While queing nak amik popcorn (tak tgk wayang pun..mkn popcorn je) i was thinking nak redeem one only..lagi satu burn la kot..sbb if i redeem 2 large popcorn it will be wasted only. Tapi tgk ada these 2 school girls ke uni girls tgh beratur in front of i offered to give them the other large popcorn..muka diorang cam takut2 je..agak ingat pompuan gila mana ke nak bomoh ke..tapi lepas explaining to them that i have extra popcorn voucher..baru diorang macam happy nak accept. Lepas dapat popcorn siap salam salam wa lagi..

By the way..byk benefits of having these membership other than collecting points
– 10 points for every rm1 u spend on movie tickets,popcorn & drinks
– points can be used to redeem movie tickets,popcorn & drinks
– rm9 for any movies anytime on Tuesday
– free movie tickets on birthday month
– Allstar priority ticketing lane
– Free movie screening & movie premiers

So for those who always spend their time at mall that has MBO..feel free to sign up. You may not get the large popcorn voucher anymore but it’s free and u get to enjoy many benefits and priveleges.


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Gap Malaysia membership

September 3, 2013 at 2:42 am (stuff I bought) (, , )

I’ve been searching for the right jeans for quite some time now. Searching for boot cut jeans to be specific. Asyik jumpa skinny jeans je bila jalan jalan usha jeans.

I know that there are boot cut design at Gap but it is a bit pricey for me. Need to have some proper planning :p
So i joined gap membership this month which is also my bday month.Paid rm30 and i got a Gap thumbdrive and landyard as well. With the membership i am also eligible to get 30% bday discount immediately :p
Bought 2 boot cut..the cutting is fit on the butt (which is good since my ass is not big so usually it will look empty and loose when i am wearing pants 😦 ) , fit on the thigh and loose below the leg..makes one’s legs longer and slimmer 🙂
Total of discount i got was rm160 which is way higher than the amount i paid for my membership :p yey!

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Memborong di Loccitane lagi

August 31, 2013 at 4:03 am (stuff I bought) (, , )

Rabu lepas went to Loccitane in bv2 for member’s day and to collect (and also spend) my voucher.

I got rm225 voucher to what else..i got myself the almond range.. 😉 got 2 bottles of jumbo almond oil..the smoothing lotion..almond everyday scrub and one almond hand lotion.
After spending more than 500, you get free miniature set and also a shiny loccitane thermos.
Being the early bird, they also gave me this chic loccitane umbrella!
Member’s day is happening nationwide until 1st september 🙂

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Blook sale

August 10, 2013 at 3:32 pm (stuff I bought) (, , )

So smalam lepas kemas kemas my wardrobe..i was feeling a bit depressed since i gave away almost half of my clothes..So what’s a girl to do? I went shopping!!!

I went to subang parade this morning..went to my favorite clothes store Blook to see if there are anything worth buying..

What luck! Most of the item in the store is on sale 🙂 so i took few pants and blouse and tried it on. Normally i’m a size 8-10 or medium but the sales girl gave me a size xs. When i say to her..”kak kecik sgt ni kak mana muat” she replied “alaa dik..try je..selawat and sarung je” :p terdiam kejap aku..hahaha

In the end..i bought 2 tops and 4 pants :p total was rm318..but the girl said if the total is above 500..i can get the vip membership where i can get all items 10% off and 20% off on my bday month 🙂 so i bought rm150 voucher that can be used within the next 3 months and entitled to the vip membership discount! Yey!


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Custom made your shoes with Distro KL

July 31, 2013 at 8:29 am (stuff I bought) (, )

Have you ever wanted a custom made shoes where you can choose your own material, design, heel height, colors and size?

Now you can get your own custom shoes of your own. Whether it is women, men or kids shoes. You can even custom made same shoes for your whole family 🙂

I stumbled across Distro KL while browsing my following’s instragram. The shoes looks great and the all of the customers said that it is comfortable.

The only downside is, they have certain period to take orders (my guess is they are overwhelmed with orders :)) and the duration to get your shoes is close to 2 months +_+

You can choose whether you want it open/closed toe, ankle strap/mary jane or no strap, how high u want the heels to be, materials to be suede/leather/glitter and what color do you want for the shoes (you can make it all one color or seperate the colors in the shoes)

So when they open the period to order..I ordered Leonar Design shoes (wedges) . I choose the design to be closed, with ankle strap, wedges with 3 inch heels in red suede.

You need to fill in what customization that you desire and then measure your foot. They will email you forms with instructions with figures on how to measure your foot 🙂
My shoe cost RM190., Distro KL shoes price ranges around RM180 – RM250 ish depending on the shoe type.

1.5 month after purchasing the shoes online…
Love it so much 🙂

You can check it out by finding their facebook or instagram Distro KL

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Muse by Watson at Sunway Pyramid

July 20, 2013 at 5:31 am (life, stuff I bought) (, , , )

Pagi tadi saya hantar xatOi repair setelah sekian lama pending nak antar workshop. Lepas hantar pegi pyramid kejap..nak cari bday present kat mama..(last minute sbb ingat nak bagi cash je..tapi cam tak best plak bagi duit je tapi takde adiah)

Sambil jalan jalan cari idea…ternampak this one shop.. Muse..gaya macam ala ala I went in just to browse .. tetiba terpk..beli perfume lah kat mama..

Apa yg best about this shop…banyak betul sale and promotion..maybe sebab baru bukak sebulan kot.. Still in promotional mode. Masa sembang sembang dgn the salesgirl, baru tau yg Muse ni is under Watson. So you can use your Watson card to collect points. For those who don’t have Watson card, you can sign up for the Muse card and it can be used in Watson as well 🙂 Also for certain period of time, you also will receive RM10 voucher with every RM 100. 🙂

After sniffing around, I decided to buy D&G rose for mama..beli yg 50ml..ada 5% off (certain stuff is 10% off). Lepas tu…usha usha keliling..dia kata with the purchase, I’m eligible for 30% off for mask. Apa lagi..borong pulak mask..bought 2 intensive hydrating mask and 2 intensive repairing mask. Then I also bought eye serum (kebetulan eye cream saya dah abis) from Skin Med.
Excellent reviews for reducing fine wrinkles and dark circles. I am going to try to see whether it works on my famous panda eyes 😛 The salesgirl say the result will show paling cepat within 7 days. So we’ll see lah how.. Tido pun kena awal jugak kan kalau nak nampak keberkesanan dia..ini asyik tido kul 12..kul 1 pagi..camne..hahaha
When checking out to pay..I was only RM 12 away from getting another RM10 voucher. So I bought another mask. But this is for whitening. Cantik mask ni..boleh buat hadiah..boleh post..also boleh buat frame.. Ideal for gifts 🙂

With the stuff I bought, I got RM60 voucher. The expiry date is 2nd August. So I decided to just redeemed it there. Bought 3 lip balm from Burt’s Bees. 3 perisa..satu peppermint, satu berry and another one is mango..
Nak lagi best..they also give me few samples consist of perfume, a set of hydrating face range, shower and massage oil and also lotion utk menegangkan muka dalam masa 40 saat (yg ni agak cool)
Setelah happy dapat barang2 ni semua..Muse also gave me 2 session of hand massage.
I decided to use the Strawberry and Milkshake lotion to be used on my hand. The smell is delicious. I don’t like the greasy feeling it left. But the greasiness goes away after some time leaving only the delicious smell
Overall, I am one happy customer 🙂
Come visit Muse in Pyramid if you are around that area.

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Loccitane Members Day at Bangsar Village

June 14, 2013 at 3:47 pm (life, stuff I bought) (, , , )

Members day is currently going on currently at Loccitane’s Bangsar Village from 14th till 16th june. For today only, they also have light refreshment from
The Loaf 🙂

My damage was as below +_+ (the stuff in the pics is including all the free gifts as well 🙂 )
Upon arriving, being the outlet member, i got this door gift immediately.Repairing shampoo and conditioner travel size and shea butter mini soap
And..they also gave me early bird gift 🙂 a recycling bag and a normal size shea butter soap
So..what did i actually paid for? :p haha. I bought the shower delight set which consist of the daily shower scrub and the concentrated firming cream. This set cost rm269. I’m currently using the cream and loving it. I have used the scrub and i am so glad Loccitane decide to make this item their regular product and not only sold at limited time only
Then..i bought also the limited hand and foot almond lotion rm87. I love the smell of almond so I am glad to have the hand and foot cream of this range
Last but not least..i bought my almond oil refill. At last!! (well..4 of them rm120 each) i think Loccitane have the almond oil refill on sale like only once a year :))
Total damage was rm842.40 but luckily i have rm500 voucher that i haven’t use yet. So i only paid rm342.40 🙂

For spending over rm350, i also got this gift ..
and also eligible for lucky draw and won the hand balm (never used this before but looking forward to)
Overall..i am a very happy girl and will be spending a lot of time in the shower :p

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I love my Loccitane outlet in Bangsar Village II (BV2)

May 11, 2013 at 7:33 am (hOt mama, stuff I bought) (, , , , )

sO…here’s the story…

I went to Loccitane…again! 😛 dOn’t blame me..It’s their fault..they sent me this sms saying that in BV2 (i registered my membership there) is reopening after doing a one month renovation.

There is gifts for early bird, promotion, vouchers.

So being me..went there to see if there’s any good deal.

Not bad actually, immediately after i walked in the store, I took a lucky draw from the box and won this 🙂


They also gave me couple of recycle bags as an early bird gift


Sadly, there was almond oil jumbo promotion but the stock is limited. By the time I went there, it was already sold out T_T boo hoo

But all is not lost! 😛 there is other shower gel and shampoo promotion. Buy any 2 of the jumbo bottle (you can mix and match) and you get a Loccitane umbrella 🙂 So I bought the repairing shampoo and conditioner since it is easier to use the jumbo bottle with a pump instead of pouring the shampoo with normal bottle

The price is RM269 and I got 5% membership discount from the amount:D

After paying, I am eligible to get RM20 voucher,2 mini bottle of shower gel & shampoo and the most adorable loccitane keychain. All I need to do is pose in front of the store with the stuff i bought and they took my picture. (forgot to ask them to share with me the picture +_+)


I’m a satisfied customer 🙂

p/s: Loccitane is having Mother’s Day promotion on the 12th. Flash your membership card and say “I LOVE MY MUM” and get a free gift and RM10 voucher. HmMm..might just drop by tomorrow

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Loccitane almond range

April 24, 2013 at 2:08 pm (hOt mama, life, stuff I bought) (, , )

I have been using loccitane product since a year ago and god knows how much i have spent within that duration because i just got rm500 voucher in exchange of my membership points! :p

My most recent purchase is my favourite range which is the almond oil range, apart from their repairing shampoo and conditioner (which i have stock up on the refill for many months to come)

Currently i am using their almond bath oil and i just bought 2 sets of their promotion almond lotion range.I find the almond lotion and oil are just awesome.It is really good for firming and smoothing your skin. And it also helps to lighten your stretch marks :p
Ouh..and there is this cute measuring tape that comes with each set 🙂
The promo is good since i am saving rm60 for each set. So overall i managed to get rm120 off and i got the gift set as well!! How great is that??
The promo ends on 30th april so go to your nearest loccitane shop now 🙂

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