Besarnya tanggungjawab seorang lelaki..

July 14, 2014 at 4:02 am (life) (, , , )

Lately aku tgk makin ramai lelaki yg makin dekat ke jalan Allah..which is a great thing..tapi diorang lupa akan tanggungjawab mereka sebagai pemimpin.. ni bukan stok pemimpin perdana menteri bagai..tapi pemimpin keluarga… sebagai suami.. bapak..abang.. atau pun adik lelaki..

Rata rata sekarang kita tgk…kaum laki bagus..tak tinggal sembahyang..pergi masjid..tapi somehow diorang ambil remeh part membimbing keluarga depa.. Isteri tak tutup aurat.. anak apatah lagi… kadang kadang isteri tutup aurat..abistu dibiarkan pulak anak pakai sesuka hati.. mungkin dalam hati..biarlah..dia muda lagi..nak merasa seronok..dah kawin nanti pandai pandai la suami dia bimbing..dan kemudian disokong pulak dgn emak nya… rasa riak bila org puji anak cantik…anak sexy.. Depa lupa..mereka sebagai bapak depa kena tanggung dosa anak2 mereka.

Aku pun ada anak…yer..mmg seronok kalau org puji anak kita..puji cantik ..comel… rasa bangga.. (tp anak aku kecik lagi yer..lom baligh lagi)..tapi itu lah bila pk pk balik…korang sanggup ke…nak pikul dosa anak korang..setakat nak dapat pujian dan acceptance org lain? dosa sendiri pun kita ni tak tertanggung.. anak kita tu amanah dari tuhan..jadi..bimbing  la ke jalan Allah seboleh bolehnya..

Bab sembahyang pulak…si bapak sembahyang..tapi dibiarkan org lain dalam keluarga dia tak sembahyang..tu pun kena tanggung jugak dosa….(banyaknye dosa kaum lelaki kena tanggung)

Ni applicable lah kepada abang..anak lelaki..dan juga adik lelaki…tanggungjawab untuk menasihati dan membimbing adik perempuan..kakak..ataupun mak kita..

Yang si perempuan pulak..kita sebagai anak..jgn la keras kepala sgt bila bapak korang nasihat suruh smayang..pakai tudung semua..jangan la fikir..dah kawin nanti lah baru aku pakai tudung..kesian laki aku…korang kesian kat laki korang…tapi tak kesian ke kat bapak korang? bapak la yg menjaga cari nafkah kita dari kecik..sampai besar panjang…yg tu korang tak kesian pulak..?

Tak susah nak tutup aurat..aku as one of yang baru je tutup aurat pk balik..menyesal rasanya tak pakai tudung earlier..banyak weh dosa..dah kawin.dah jadi mak…thn lepas baru nak tutup aurat..tapi alhamdulillah Allah beri gak hidayah untuk aku tutup aurat (walaupun benda ni wajib sebenarnya..sepatut nya tak yah nak tunggu tunggu) Kesian kat bapak aku..kat suami aku…kena tanggung dosa bergelen gelen sebelum pun belum tentu sempurna aku tutup aurat rasanya…tapi insyaAllah..i’m getting there..

Semoga Allah ampunkan la dosa aku dan dosa2 family aku..amin..

So..aku nak korang yg maybe baru jadi bapak..baru jadi suami…atau pun perempuan yg belum tutup aurat lagi..amik la pengajaran dari aku..tak yah tunggu lambat lambat…bimbing la family members kita…ataupun kita sendiri berubah la ke arah kebaikan..sebab kalau kita buat dosa…kita secara tidak langsung menarik org yg kita sayang sekali..

tak susah pun…kalau rasa susah bebeno nk tutup la camni…

  1. kalau kita cakap…takpe..bila aku umur xx la aku start pakai tudung…pk balik..kalau ko mati esok camne? haa..tak ke haru kalau camtu..
  2. Allah dah bagi kita macam macam nikmat..takkan la setakat nak kaver rambut dan aurat tu pun korang nak berkira kan…apa sangat la rambut tu jika nak dibanding kan dgn apa yg Allah dah bagi kita.. kan kan kan? 🙂’s a chance for you to become a superhero to your family :))

Minta maaf kalau ada sesiapa yg terasa lepas baca komen ni…sekadar sharing and menasihati…Salam Ramadhan 🙂


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Smartphone… To look or not to look?

February 12, 2014 at 4:39 pm (life, work) (, , )

Today i attended a mobility workshop in my company and one of the speakers asked a very interesting but mind-boggling question..he asked the participant..
Truth is..i think 80% of us choose our phone as the answer :p it is freaky how our smartphones is taking over our daily lives. It has sadly limit our human to human interactions because we are so bz fondling with our phones. Be it at restaurants..dinner dates..or even at meetings.

Myself personally after some observation find nowadays..presenting to management/client/audience are so much harder than before. It is not easy to get their attention and convey your full message to them when they are bz fondling with their phones checking email.. chatting.. browsing.. etc..

The fact is..smartphones and mobility is here to stay..but we should not throw our manners out of the door for the sake of technology..

As for me.. I will TRY to not constantly look at my phone while someone is talking to me face to face and respect that they want to spend time with me.. And during meetings and presentations..i will put my phone aside and try to give full attention to the presenter. They have put in a lot of effort (and courage) to be there and present to u..the least u can do is listen to what they have to say..right? 🙂

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Other cool benefits of wearing hijab

January 18, 2014 at 11:20 am (hOt mama, life) (, )

Covering ur aurat is a must if ur a muslim. Since i started to wear hijab last year, i have also discovered other benefits of wearing hijab. So i sketched something about this topic..hope u guys like it 🙂


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How to cook fried ice cream / ais krim goreng

January 17, 2014 at 6:01 am (Food Love Affair) (, )

Gonna share with u guys how to cook easy fried ice’s a mix of hot and cold at the same time..the ingredients is easy to get and it it idiot proof 🙂


– ice cream (u can choose ur favourite flavor)
– white bread
– butter

1. Heat up cooking oil in the frying pan.

2. Spread light layer of butter at one side of each bread.

3. Scoop moderate amount of ice cream on the unbuttered side of the bread.

4. Put another slice if bread on top of the ice cream (make sure the buttered side is outside.
5. Press the side of the bread.
6. Use a mug cut the bread.

7. Put it in the frying pan for 3 seconds and then flip side and cook another 3 seconds.


8. Serve immediately

Senang kan? Enjoy ur fried ice cream 🙂

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Happy New Year 2014

January 1, 2014 at 6:32 am (life) (, , , )

Dear all my readers.

Would like to wish you a Happy Yew Year/Selamat Tahun Baru 2014!

Was looking though my blog post last year to see whether I have achieved my 2013 resolutions but I found out i never made resolutions for 2013. I only compared my resolutions for 2012 whether i did achieved them in Jan 2013. Read about them here. Well..i did achieved one of my 2012 resolution that i did not manage to get it done in 2013.. (blow nails) I took up guitar class last year and I can play guitar already (blow my short nails again because i have to keep it short to play guitar 😛 ) at a beginner’s level at least..(hey its a start right).

Just like to share in general what I have achieved in 2013
– Started to attend guitar lessons
– Started to wear hijab during Ramadhan
– We manage to travel to few places for holidays and after few years..finally managed to go overseas this time once
– Survive and manage without my parents for a month without the house falling apart and without us killing each other (they went to Mecca for Haj this year)
– Was involved in donation drive for flood victims (first time involvement). Btw, would like to share, one of the item I have donated is sweaters for the flood victims. I donated all my sweaters except for one. And after a few weeks, someone gave me a new sweater (this person never knew i donated my sweaters) 🙂 God works in a cool way ey..
– Successfully rolled out my team’s project (despite much resistance from the management & user and spending many nights in the office)
– See my subordinates developed and improved as a better worker (I hope in a way i did my job motivating and influencing them as their manager)
– Maintain close relationships with my best friends despite the issues, time and distance limitations
– Manage to spend time with my beloved family especially zOey despite all the chaos and work that is happening throughout the year.

While we’re at it..Just let me jot down my targets for 2014
– Travel more
– To stay away from gas drinks
– Try to limit my fast food fix to once a week (well maybe twice maximum) 😛
– Do more charity
– To have effort to be more syariah compliance
– To be nice to all people  & animals and not be judgmental.
– Try to procure a house of my own
– To train zOey to be more independent in preparation of her going to primary in 2015 😛

Phew..that’s a lot of stuff. Hope I could achieve at least half of it. What’s yours?

Wishing all the best for 2014..

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Lelaki lelaki bodoh yg aku encounter lately

December 21, 2013 at 5:16 pm (life) (, )

ok..lately aku banyak encounter dgn lelaki tak sedar diri..bukan lah nak jadi sexist or discriminate the men but seriously..

banyak lelaki yg aku nampak demand makin tinggi..nak pompuan yg slim laa..cun la…sexy la…perfect skin..perfect hair..perfect segalanya..kire ala ala victoria secret model la kalau boleh..masalahnya..pandang la diri tu dulu..kot kalau korang tu pun macam perfect takpe jugak..ini kadang kadang aku tgk macam pecah rumah pun ada…tapi demand skit punya tinggi..partner tak leh nak gemuk skit la…walaupun indirectly…banyak kes yg aku perhatikan..kalau partner tu dah lari skit dari specification idaman dia..dia pun mula la carik lain..usha yg lain…come on laa…lain la kes kalau lelaki pun still maintain…ini lelaki lelaki ni lagi dua tiga kali ganda lagi tak jaga diri diorang banding ngan partner diorang..

pastu..ada pulak lelaki yg tak kenang diuntung..ada satu kes ni…pompuan nya dah cun..comel lote semua dah..mmg kira kalau nak banding dari segi luaran mmg tak padan la ngan laki ni..laki ni cam ala ala geek..kalau masa skolah dulu dulu mmg kena buli la..tak ensem lak tu (bagi aku la maybe bagi pompuan tu dia rasa mamat tu ensem)..kira dah beruntung la kan pompuan yg cun tu nak kat mamat ni..pastu…bila laki ni nampak lak pompuan lain yg boleh la nak kata ok la jugak…terus nak berkenalan senyap2 dari member dia yg lain…wtf man?? tu mmg tak sedar diri tahap gaban…

kesimpulan…lately aku tgk laki semua mmg tak boleh kalau ada benda yg cantik skit depan diorang..walaupun dah ada yg elok dah..diorang akan automatically jadi bodoh..walaupun tak buat depan depan partner diorang..diorang akan buat lawak gatal gatal ngan member member diorang yg sama jugak bodoh…please appreciate your women..they have spend a lot of effort to be the best for  you..korang lambat lepa nampak pompuan sexy skit..yg muda skit..meleleh air liur dah…abis tu lelaki pandai lak komplen kenapa pompuan jeles sgt…jeles tak bertempat la..well..don’t give your women reason to doubt u at the first place laa…

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Close call :p

December 6, 2013 at 12:18 pm (life, work)

Today..after taking my wudhu for zohor..while i was walking towards our office surau..i saw my subordinate walking towards surau as well on the other side. Feeling hyper..i decided to wait in front of the door right before our surau to sergah and scare her..

Umm..well didnt surprise her..but she did said something to me..”you just miss haji B (our general manager)”..few seconds earlier i might have scared my GM when he opened the door..hahah..mau aku buat buat pengsan time2 tu jugak.. Adoi laaa..

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MBO Starclub Membership Program

November 17, 2013 at 7:38 am (stuff I bought)

Tadi i went to subang parade to wash and wax my car. While waiting, stumbled upon the MBO counter opened near the information counter.

I decided to sign up as a member since it’s free! (The word FREE did it for me :p). Also when u signed up, u will get free large popcorn but today is the last day. Since i signed up for 2 person, i got 2 free large popcorn.

While queing nak amik popcorn (tak tgk wayang pun..mkn popcorn je) i was thinking nak redeem one only..lagi satu burn la kot..sbb if i redeem 2 large popcorn it will be wasted only. Tapi tgk ada these 2 school girls ke uni girls tgh beratur in front of i offered to give them the other large popcorn..muka diorang cam takut2 je..agak ingat pompuan gila mana ke nak bomoh ke..tapi lepas explaining to them that i have extra popcorn voucher..baru diorang macam happy nak accept. Lepas dapat popcorn siap salam salam wa lagi..

By the way..byk benefits of having these membership other than collecting points
– 10 points for every rm1 u spend on movie tickets,popcorn & drinks
– points can be used to redeem movie tickets,popcorn & drinks
– rm9 for any movies anytime on Tuesday
– free movie tickets on birthday month
– Allstar priority ticketing lane
– Free movie screening & movie premiers

So for those who always spend their time at mall that has MBO..feel free to sign up. You may not get the large popcorn voucher anymore but it’s free and u get to enjoy many benefits and priveleges.


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Hairy post :p

November 16, 2013 at 5:56 am (hOt mama) (, , )

After i started wearing tudung/hijab since july..i think i have kinda neglected my hair.. :p

Usually i will just tie it up in a bun and wear my tudung and kinda terbawak bawak dekat rumah also..i will always have my hair in a bun considering my hair is really long.

Now my hair is kinda dry and unkept due to the negligence on my part (macam ala hantu kak limah la lebih kurang..).

So today i’m treating my hair (myself as well) a day in the saloon.. Getting a drastic style change and also treatment for my poor hair 🙂

Note : getting bored sitting in the saloon hence the random post about my hair.. :p


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Nutella brownies

October 21, 2013 at 3:46 pm (Food Love Affair, hOt mama) ()

Hari ni agak stressed for me.. I took leave today planning to spend a day out with zoey. Siap dah make appointment to go dentist for check up.

But last night,zoey had a high fever. Thank god i already applied leave. so it was stay at home taking care of sick kid instead for me. Actually senang je jaga zoey ni masa sakit..cuma biasa la..dia nak menyendeng je.. Most of the time dia high on ubat and saya bagi dia chance utk layan cartoon all day..

Masak kat dia bubuq..for me..i ordered mcdonald delivery. After waiting for an hour, mcdonald called and tell me they could not delivered due to rain. This was the second time within 7 days!! First time they called after an hour telling me tak boleh hantar sbb blackout. Tensi btul..kalau tak leh hantar..why dont u guys just call me earlier so that saya tak cam org bodoh tunggu je..

Disebabkan stress dgn mcd..saya trus pegi dapur and masak nutella brownies.. Walaupun takde kena mengena tapi saya reti baking dan tak reti nak masak ala ala melayu lauk pauk untuk hentam je lah..

Sib baik jadi.. 🙂 kalau tak mau aku bakar dapur tu tadi..

The recipe? Easiest thing ever. All u need is as below

Nutella brownies
1. One cup nutella
2. 10 table spoon flour
3. 2 eggs
4. Hersyeys semi bitter choc chip

1. Heat the oven to 180celcius
2. Mix all the ingredient in a mixer
3. Baked it for 15-20 minutes..


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