Happy Eid Mubarak 2013

August 10, 2013 at 2:41 pm (hOt mama, life) (, , )

Salam Aidilfitri/Happy Eid Mubarak from my humble self. Maaf zahir batin πŸ™‚
So what do u guys did for this eid? Me? The same old same old.. :p Beraya with families..eat..watch tv..eat..enjoy the non existence traffic in kl..eat.. :p basically i am not surprised that i have lost 5kg in a month but gained 2kg in just 3 days +_+

My family and i played firecrackers and sparkles these last few nights because of zoey (sebenarna yg tua tua yg gian nak main) My sister bought this one big firework that suppose to come out pretty sparkles but we just assumed that it will be bigger since the size is also bigger. So last night we decided to light up that big firework. Because we did not know how big it will come out..we put it in the middle of the road away from all the cars and wires..

When we light it up..to our dissapointment..it is just like the usual stuff we bought..so we assumed maybe it is more expensive because it last longer..(and it did). So we came nearer to look at this fireworks when suddenly at the end..it became like fireworks on steroids with all the sparkles coming out from all direction with machine gun like sound..lintang pukang semua lari beb! :p hahaha..haru btul.. Kesimpulan.. Jgn la main mercun yg size besar besar dan yg kita tak tau tabiat dia.. :p
Salam aidilfitri my lovelies πŸ™‚


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Raya mood is delayed somewhere out there

August 6, 2013 at 7:45 am (life) (, )

Less than 2 days to Eid but i’m still not feeling the mood to celebrate.. +_+

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Happy Eid Mubarak

August 22, 2012 at 3:05 pm (life) (, , , )

Happy Eid Mubarak to all muslims around d globe.

Maaf zahir batin.


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Summary of my activities these past mOnth

September 1, 2011 at 2:45 pm (Food Love Affair, hOt mama, life) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

It’s been nearly a mOnth since i’ve last blogged. and yeah i’m still in lazy raya mood so I’m going to cheat a bit by summarizing what I’ve did with pictures.. hehehe :P~ sO that u guys wOn’t be bOred with the long blog post either..hehehe..enjOy~

zOey tetiba buat perangai suke menyOrok di bawah tudung saji…dia kata..this is my rOof (slaps forehead)

one of the ramadhan’s iftar… had the cravings to eat pizza..so thanks dOminos..got free cOupon as well πŸ™‚

zOey nowadays refuse to be changed/bathed!! this is our failed attempt to change her πŸ˜›

me trying to find a matching tudung for this kaftan.. end up buying white since other colors dOn’t seem to match 😦

one of my wOrk pants was kinda loose..sO i borrowed my colleagues I*&@@ brooch (since there was no safety pins available) but guess what..it got stuck..i can’t get that damn thing out..i was having panic attack thinking how am i suppose to go to do my “bussiness” die laaa…hehehe

one of the days i was stuck in frOnt of my office for more than an hour..it took me 1.5 hours for me reach hOme 😦

Y Us Sdn Bhd had company ‘buka puasa’ at Intai-Intai, Ampang

went fOr hammam spa, bangsar for the usual ‘Favourite Concubine’ a day before syawal πŸ™‚ **bliss**

mOrning of syawal..spend the day at in laws first πŸ™‚

and then at subang in the evening :))

then we went to parade (all girls) to do sOme shopping!! bOught these fab shOes πŸ™‚

today mOrning..we went to see final destination at pyramid..saw this cool setup for the smurf’s promo

and then had this massive lunch at Carl’s Jr :P~~

oUh..and bought few stuffs at bodyshop..one of it was this strawberry lipΒ balm (smells good enough to eat)

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eid 2008

October 10, 2008 at 6:55 am (hOt mama, life) (, , , , , , , )

hMmm.. quite a while agO since I’ve updated my blOg..let see..lemme recall..apa dah jadi for last few weeks…

my bDay (28th September 2009)
yup…ladies and gents…I’ve turned 27 last september..well..the celebration was nice.Only manage to celebrate my bDay at night due to ramadhan.We went for iftar at Sheraton hotel.Best jugak la the buffet and there is not much crOwd.. I think ramai dah balik kampung kot..
Presents!!yes…I got a pair of sketchers shOes..an oh-so-adorable donald duck..cash mOney..few clOthes and bOdyshop perfume and tOiletries..well dOne peeps..nOami is pleased with this year’s offering..haha..

Hari raya Aidilfitri
This year kitorang beraya at my hOuse in Subang first..yey!! hehehe.. So biasa la..pagi bgn bgn..siap siap zOey..sumer pegi sembahyang raya..except fOr me..hehe..kalau tak zOey nak campak mana kan..so lepak ngan dia je..until semua balik..then kitOrang beraya…makan makan makan..then sambut org datang..then makan makan makan…zOey dapat byk duit raya..hehehe..besh..sumer dah masuk kat ASB dah…petang raya tu..kitorang balik gOmbak pulak..beraya sana pulak..then makan makan makan lagi…hehehe..pendek kata..raya ni..makan je la kot…

After raya
Wa demam raya wOo…sempat masuk keje Isnin je..pehtu..3 hari MC..haishh..tak pernah pernah cuti sakit sampai 3 hari…sumer cOmplete..demam..selsema..batuk..sakit tekak…raya sakan sgt ke aku..hahahaha…

Note : Pas kahwin ni rasa cam best giler raya..hehe..bukan apa..before ni kena balik kampung..bukannye tak suke balik kampung..tapi jauh and penat…sekarang..kampung kitorang dekat dekat je…hehe..best gilerr..!!

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