Afternoon Tea For Two at Delicious Jalan Pinang

January 7, 2012 at 9:11 am (Food Love Affair, life, work) (, , )

Yesterday I had a girls evening out with my friends from office. There were 8 of us and the venue was Delicious 🙂

We bought the GroupOn Deal where we purchased ”Afternoon Tea for Two’ from delicious for only RM35 instead of RM59.90++

Good deal but the only catch was it was only valid at Delicious in Jalan Pinang nearby KLCC. and to make it worst, we went to the wrong Delicious (there was 2 Delicious nearby KLCC apparently +_+)  The right Delicious was in a posh building (i forgot the name of the building) but it has a very serene environment with the ponds and art exhibition in the lobby.

The restaurant was spacious. but the service was super duper slow even though there are only 3 or 4 tables at that time.

But all the waiting was worthwhile when four of these dessert trays came 😛 We basically could choose the drinks (tea, coffee or chocolate) and a dessert for each pair in addition of the standard sandwiches, truffles, strawberry, biscuits, caviar, etc… 😛

i ordered hot chocolate with marshmellow

the top dessert was chocolate moist with vanilla ice cream 😛

bread pudding 😛

apple crumble with ice cream

Overall it was a good deal. Plenty of food for 2 person. The food was scrumptious and it was a great way to spend your evening with your loved ones. Will definitely buy this deal again if it is available



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Nasi Lemak CT Garden, Kampung Baru

May 1, 2011 at 3:42 am (Food Love Affair, life) (, , , , , )

Me and hubby went to Nasi Lemak CT Garden, Kampung Baru for dinner yesterday. It was my first time there. First I was quite skeptical about all of these nasi lemak place becase I don’t fancy the lauk2 and somehow the nasi lemak always taste the same to me. What’s important to me is the ikan bilis must be headless and must have peanut 😛 (yer saya tau saya byk songeh)

Th ambience, well, it was just like any other malay restaurant, but it has a nice view of KLCC.

The way it works is there is a nasi lemak station, the lauk pauk station and also the drinks station before you pay for the eats. The nasi lemak portion is really small if you’re a big eater, so you might want to take 2 or 3 per person. Each nasi lemak cost RM0.70. At the nasi lemak station there’s also otak otak which cost Ro.60 sen per err…otak? hahaha.

At the lauk(s) station, there is a lot of varieties (for those who likes to eat their nasi lemak with all of these extras). There were paru, rendang, telur burung puyuh, kari, hati,ayam goreng, ayam kampung, etc2… Don’t even bother trying to say to the makcik like my hubby “Makcik, I want only 2 or 3 of the telur burung puyuh (quail’s egg)”. The makcik will give you a scoop of whatever you’ve requested (which in my hubby’s case he got around 10 quail’s egg). Because they determine the price by the scoop (senduk). Average price per scoop is RM 3.50.

Then off to the drinks station. They got juice, the usual milo, neslo,nescafe,sirap bandung, etc… Average costing aroung RM1.30 oer drink and RM2.50 per juice.

All in all. it costs us around RM10.20 for 2 person’s dinner. Very cheap 🙂

2 Nasi lemak (RM0.70×2) + 2 Otak-otak (RM0.60×2) + Scoop of quail’s egg and paru-paru (RM 5.00) + Milo & Sirap Bandung (RM1.30×2)

Total = RM 10.20

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