Malu kali keduaaaa….

May 19, 2013 at 12:48 pm (life) (, )

Some of you might remember my embarassing moment when I accidentally went to the wrong car. (Read about my first embarassing incident with my car here).

Well.. let me add another story to that.. +_+

Last Thursday, I went to USJ 10 to run an errand. Everything went ok. Got a nice parking spot, went to settle my errands, and then went back to my car to go back home. Upon arriving to my car, I clicked my car’s remote and ..wth’s not working.. I figured there might be one of my doors that is not properly shut. So I went to the passanger side, and..wth again man..there is a scratch and a dent at the door.. f**k i thought..somebody must have hit my car went they are going out from the parking beside me. I went back to the driver’s side and tried opening the door to see if it is not shut properly. Hmm..still can’t open.. +_+ getting frustrated here. Then I notice a couple of small scratches along side the driver’s door and back door..shit!! could it be my belt that left the marks? I was getting pissed. But somehow there is an inside voice in my head that said to me.. “Check the car’s plate number idiot!” and so I went at the back of the car..

It was somebody else’s car…. ya rabbi….rasa macam nak sorok muka belakang tayar kereta je..I did not even look around to see if anybody was watching (it happened in brought daylight if I may add :P). My car was parked a few spots ahead of the initial car I thought was mine. I’m sure if somebody saw me they would have thought I was trying to steal the car.. 😛

Second time!!!! second time this had happened. Need to do something to my car so that it would be different than other cars of its brand..pasang lampu funfair maybe? (still i think i would have gone to the wrong car)


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Maluuuu..malu semalu maluunyaaaa :p

December 8, 2012 at 12:20 pm (life) ()

Malam smalam aku pi beli beger kat usj 4..kena tunggu dalam 15 minit..takde hal la sebab beger brader ni mmg terbaek..

On the walking way back to my car, ada a bunch of guys depan seven eleven dok wisel wisel kacau.. Aku buat tak layan la kan.. Sambil jalan (dan control cun) kereta.. Amik kunci..bukak alarm kereta..tit tot.. Try bukak pintu.. Aik apasal tak leh bukak.. Demmit!!! Salah kereta!! Adoilaaa malu giler.. Nak lagi best.. Tuan punya kereta tu is one of the guys.. +_+ boleh la dgr dari belakang satu group dok ketawa berdekah dekah kat aku.. Hadoi..

So..kaver malu..jalan la pi kereta aku (which was parked selang 2 kereta lepas kereta yg silap tu) Nak lagi best.. Lepas keluar way street yg membuatkan aku kena drive keta depan kereta dan budak budak laki tadi tu.. Huhuhu.. Rasa cam nak drive sorok muka bawah stereng je..

Last last..selamber depan..diorang siap lambai sengih2 lagi..nak buat camne..sengih je la balik..

Dan itu boleh la dikira pengalaman yg paling memalukan utk aku tahun ni


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