Weird dream

February 25, 2010 at 2:35 am (life) (, , , , , , )

Last night I had a weird and quite horrific dream.

I was very pregnant and about to give birth any moment..but somehow tiba tiba my baby tetiba terpusing sampai belakang…so belakang buncit..depan leper. After much panicking..I was scolding the baby inside my tummy..”ok enuff already..jgn main main..pegi duduk depan perut balik diam diam” .  Tiba tiba baby tu pegi normal place depan tummy balik and then tetiba terus beranak…more like ‘terberanak’. Baby tu macam merajuk..sbb I marah dia..sbb tu dia keluar terus dari my tummy…Yg I ingat…I dapat baby girl… berat sama dgn zoey dulu…

Lepas mimpi topik lain pulak.. I was in a pondok usang..somewhere…with my colleague.. She was my neighbour in my dream. We were living in this land where at certain time..there will be a giant roaming around to find food (us).. so dalam pondok usang tu we have an underground hiding place…

I think this is the effect of eating ice cream before sleeping..huhu


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