Meaning of Flowers

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Guys, a bit of advise, even if a lady says how much she doesn’t like flowers, most of the time, chances are she would love it when you send her flowers. Shows that someone cares for her enough to go to the trouble to send her flowers 🙂 . And guys, every flower has its own message when you give it to the ladies. So make sure you choose the right one

Roses – To show love or friendship
Red : True love,passion, I love you
Pink : Happiness, friendship
Yellow : New beginning, friendship
White – Honor, purity, innocence

Tulips – True Love

Sunflower – Adoration

Carnation – To show Feelings
Red : Admiration, respect
Pink : Unforgettable, “I’ll never forget you”
White : Sweet, pure, love

Daffodils – I’m Sorry


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