Do you have panda eyes (dark circles) too???

January 27, 2011 at 9:08 am (life) (, , , , )

I have had panda eyes(dark circles) for the longest time.

Yesterday my friend said, according to chinese (and i believe after did some googling, it seems western too) associate panda eyes with kidney problem or potential kidney problem

Heck. I was kinda worried when I heard about it. Today I did some research on causes of panda eyes and yes it is true, panda eyes are associated with kidney problem. But there are also other causes that contributes to panda eyes

Main Causes for Dark Circles to Appear:
1. Lack of Sleep
2. Allergy
3. Bad Diet
4. Sun Exposure
5. Dehydration
6. Signs of Kidney Problem
7. You’re not aware that you are related to panda 😛

I am not sure which one causes me this panda eyes, but I’m pretty confident it is more than one. I don’t eat vegetables, I drink only when I remembers ‘water is good for you’ and I normally only sleeps 5 hours a day

and as a result


I’m currently looking ways to reduce my panda eyes. Will share with you guys later 🙂


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