Have you ever tried Marine Collagen Seaweed?

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Have you guys heard about Seaweed Marine Collagen? First learn and saw this thing is during a visit to my cousin’s house during raya celebration 2 weeks ago. Supposedly it is really good for your health and also beauty. So I tried some. my cousin just put it in the water for one night i think. It’s shaped like white vegetable…chewy but tasteless.

Seems like you can get these raw marine collagen in Sabah a lot (i really mean a lot) cheaper then in West Malaysia. Kebetulan my dad was there, So I asked him to buy few packets for me.

Sekali balik..sampai 6 paket besar dia belikan…tapi ni kaler lain skit..kaler hijau..yg masa i tried..it was white..yg my dad beli ni..kaler hijau..sekali pandang cam ganja pun ada..hahahhaa..
Camne cara penyediaan dia?

  • Basuh macam gaya basuh beras
  • Rendam semalaman or 8 hours (caution it will expand :P)
  • Rebus

Done! 🙂 the rebusan tu when kept in fridge will become like jelly. You can eat it just by itself (one spoon morning and night) – rasa agak pelik skit.. or lenyek2 kan dia and minum dgn air. Air sirap ka..sarsaparila ka..Air kosong pun boleh.. I like to drink with sarsaparila..rasa macam cincau pun ada.. hehehe..
Yg hampas hampas dia..you can asingkan and letak kat muka as face mask..letak kat kulit mana mana yg u nak tegangkan ke.. I put it as a face mask. Masa kering tu rasa tegang giler muka. After washing..rasa kulit fresh..sejuk..and lembut.. I think need to do it many times before the effects can be seen.
But the immediate result after trying this collagen for 2 days is, I have more energy and I can get up in the morning easily (not that easy but easier than usual) even though I slept late the night before.

Below I’m the other benefits of marine collagen for those who are interested to try this thing out :

-Adjust the weight and stabilize hormone
-Enhance immune system and body metabolism, firm up breasts, and buttocks muscles , hair and nails healthy:
-Strengthen the abdominal system
-Preserving thyroid glands – Iodine in it is said to improve the function of thyroid gland and to prevent diseases such as Goitre (swollen thyroid gland)
-Reducing premature aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin
-Reduces cellulite , improve blood circulation, reduce back pain and shoulder
-Strengthens bones and joints, arthritis and osteoporosis
-Increase of cartilage, ligaments and muscle
-Treating gout
-Prevent cancer/tumor
-Lowering high blood pressure
-Increase digestive function /digestion, treat gastric
-Treating anemia
-Lowering cholesterol levels in the body , absorb the excess salt in the body (paralysis) , smooth, tight, and smooth the skin
-Accelerate shrinkage and eliminate acne scars
-Stimulate the production of new skin cell, heal wounds
-Preserve the small intestine (prevent ) constipation
– Helps to treat gastritis.
– Acts as an antifungal and antibacterial
– Provide energy and strengthens the body
– Helps to stabilize blood sugar.


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