Secret Recipe Follow Up

April 7, 2010 at 9:44 am (Food Love Affair, life) (, , )

3 days after I’ve written and complained regarding Menara’s Telekom Secret Recipe , their area manager called me.

En Zakaria who is the area manager (very polite) apologized on behalf of his staff and their attitude. He said that he did received my complained and have met up with the staff. The lateness according to him was due to the peak lunch hour.

I mentioned to him that I do not mind the food was late, what I was pissed about was the way the staff communicate and responded to my question. He took note and apologized again.

We met today in other branch of Secret Recipe in Bangsar South. (this place is very peaceful) I don’t think many people knew about this franchise. The staff was courteous, the food (i ordered the same) and it was done within the acceptable time frame.

I appreciate Secret Recipe and En Zakaria go through all the trouble to meet up with me face to face to apologize and explained to me in person.

Thank you

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Secret Recipe at Menara Telekom Sucks!!!

March 27, 2010 at 4:54 pm (Food Love Affair) (, , , , , , , , , , )

I  have 2 words to say to Secret Recipe in Menara Telekom. YOU SUCK!!!

Really. With ignorant and rude waitress. Urgh.. I’ve had it with them.

My 3 friends and me went for lunch last Friday. 3 of us ordered mozarella baked fish. (note at that time there were only few customers around) Waiting and waiting for our food, the crowd started to come in.. Their food has arrived..Some even finished eating!! Guess what. Our f**king food has not yet arrived!!!

45 minutes later we asked a waitress, what happened to our order. and the waitress with an attitude just nodded and went off. bangang ke apa. Decided to ask another waitress, she saw us calling but she just ignored ask..WTH?? If you can’t handle big crowd, please put in the maximum amount of people you are capable of serving at one time so that we can go somewhere else for better service.

Managed to grab one of the waitress (coincidentally she was the one who took our order) she said the mozarella cheese take long time to cook. I asked. You take 1 hour to cook a dish?? She with an arrogance said yes and walked off. Without saying sorry or anything.

1 hour to melt mozarella cheese?? come on you think we’re stupid?? Kalau dah sejam tu..the cheese would have evaporate into thin air…If it really took one hour to cook it..I think you guys are baking the cheese using candles?

I asked the cashier when paying why does it take that long (persistent, ain’t I?) She said that the dish does take an hour to serve. I told her, I’ve ordered the dish at other Secret Recipe branch but at most they would only take 20 minutes to prepare it.

Just admit it was your mistake. I know you’ve forgotten our order.

I hope Secret Recipe please take note of this comment because when there are no feedback form to be filled (I guess they know they have bad service so they decided to hide the bloody feedback form).

I love Secret Recipe but your branch at Menara Telekom really sucks. Poor Customer Service. No manners. All negative attitude all in one branch!!

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