Things I used to do before SmartPhone entered my life

October 18, 2014 at 3:47 am (life) (, , , )

Few days ago I was walking in Empire Subang and stumbled upon a public phone…i mean a PUBLIC PHONE!! I was not aware that these thing still exist in malls 😛 So I took out 20 cents and dial up my mom..just for the sake of calling from a public phone.. The phone seems to be working fine..tapi my mom lak tak angkat phone time tu  +_+

IMG_8720ello? mama? yoo hoo? cait…potong stim laa tak angkat pulak

But it got me thinking about my life before I had my smartphone. Well one thing, I have more time for everything else rather than staring and looking at my phone almost like all of my free time. So I have listed down the things I used to do before smartphone entered my life :

  1. Me and my friends always need to be punctual if we were to meet somewhere. We need to specify the exact time and place to meet..
  2. Eating with friends and family were always fun since we really enjoyed each others company without everyone busy taking pictures of foods to be uploaded in instagram or update their fb status where there are eating.
  3. I used to have long wire extension of my home phone. I used to drag my home phone (I never had a cordless phone) everywhere, in my room, in the living room, depending on who did i was on the phone with. Normally with my best friend, i used to talk for hours..  on what, well..everything..hahaha..
  4. My friends and I would always know on the gate and shout when we arrived to our friends house. Then we will get some annoying glares from their neighbours if our friends kept us waiting and shouting outside 😛 Now people will just text or call when they are outside.
  5. I will only be friends with my school friends and neighbourhood friends. There is no social networking platform like Facebook for us to connect or stalk random people.
  6. I would just hope and pray when going to somewhere that is unfamiliar. No waze or google maps yet 😛
  7. Taking pictures of myself would require us talking to strangers sheepishly asking them to help to take my pictures.. No selfie or front camera yet.
  8. Checking the time would mean looking at my watch and not my phone. Nowadays, I would not know the time if I forgot to bring my hp..only recently i started to wear a watch again.. 🙂
  9. When we sit down in a restaurant, there is no such thing as asking the waiter there “whats the wifi password?”
  10. I used to know stuff regarding my friends and family through private conversation WITH them.. Now, I can read all people’s private thoughts on Facebook and twitter easily. Some people I don’t even associate with.. Nothing is private anymore

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Smartphone… To look or not to look?

February 12, 2014 at 4:39 pm (life, work) (, , )

Today i attended a mobility workshop in my company and one of the speakers asked a very interesting but mind-boggling question..he asked the participant..
Truth is..i think 80% of us choose our phone as the answer :p it is freaky how our smartphones is taking over our daily lives. It has sadly limit our human to human interactions because we are so bz fondling with our phones. Be it at restaurants..dinner dates..or even at meetings.

Myself personally after some observation find nowadays..presenting to management/client/audience are so much harder than before. It is not easy to get their attention and convey your full message to them when they are bz fondling with their phones checking email.. chatting.. browsing.. etc..

The fact is..smartphones and mobility is here to stay..but we should not throw our manners out of the door for the sake of technology..

As for me.. I will TRY to not constantly look at my phone while someone is talking to me face to face and respect that they want to spend time with me.. And during meetings and presentations..i will put my phone aside and try to give full attention to the presenter. They have put in a lot of effort (and courage) to be there and present to u..the least u can do is listen to what they have to say..right? 🙂

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