crOcs warehOuse sale

February 7, 2010 at 9:23 am (hOt mama, life) (, , , , , , )

I went for crocs warehouse sale at USJ 1 this afternoon. It was the last day of the sale. I was thinking, maybe there won’t be as many people compared to Friday and Saturday..lunch time lagi kan..

My instinct was correct. Not many people there. Queue to cashier? None. I took my own sweet time to browse through all the crocs shoe available. There was still a lot of crocs for kids and man. But the woman design was quite limited. (I think most of them were grabbed during the first two days).

I even managed to persuade a pakcik sorang ni to buy a pair of shoes. Hehe..”Siap promote lagi crocs ni tahan lamaa pakcikkk”

Damage? RM 470 for 6 pairs of shoes..

1.  Scooby Doo Chidren Crocs RM50

2.  Hello Kitty Children Crocs RM80

3.  Black Tikali RM100

4.  White Baya RM80 (p/s: I got the jitbits for free. the cashier accidentally put it in my plastic bag.only found out after I got home)

5. Khaki Off Road RM80

6. Mushroom/Plum Cayman Retro RM80

Hehehhee…  My mom cakap dah macam kedai jual crocs…hehehe


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