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So many things have been going on lately. I just don’t have the energy to write about whatever interesting stuff that happens in my life lately.

Nowadays after work, my brain would just be so tired and it is effecting my body as well. It also doesn’t help that I am turning 30 this year. (daammnnnnn!!) saya sudah tuaa…huhuhu..

What my life was 10 years ago?

1. Still studying [unlike]
2. Have 7 total piercings 😛 Luckily i was sane enough not to pierce my belly button. I would like so so so regret it now.  Now i am even to lazy to even wear a pair of earing [like + unlike]
3. See movies in cinemas at least once a week [like]
4. Study only a day before my exams [like]
5. Would sometimes come back to my campus wee hours in the morning [unlike]
6. Haven’t met the love of my life. Still fluttering around my choices..haha [like – the dating environment, unlike – but with wrong the guys]
7. I was thinner 😦 damn u 30 year old metabolism!! don’t fail on me completely now!! [like]
8. Babies and toddlers love me even though I well..dont  want anything to do with them..well they still love me now but the feeling is now mutual now that I have my cheeky girl 🙂 [like]

…i want a time machine……  T_T

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August 27, 2008 at 4:28 am (hOt mama, life) (, , , , , , )

I am TIRED. hee. Who knew taking care of my baby bucuk yg getting more adorable everyday would take so much energy and time.

Basically below are my daily activities on week days :

4.50am – wake up
5.50am – go to subang to hantar zOey
6.30am – arrive at subang and eat breakfast courtesy of mama 😛
6.45am – go to work from subang to beat the traffic
7.10am – arrive at office in menara telekom
8am – 5.30pm – wOrk wOrk wOrk
5.45pm – yusnO pick me up from work
6.20pm – arrive at subang
6.45pm – dinner courtesy frm mama again 😛
7.05pm – go back home
7.45pm – arrive at Kajang
8.00pm – mandi
8.30pm – main main with zOey sambil basuh kain(if applicable.I dont do laundry everyday)
9.30pm – salin nappy and kasi zOey minum susu
9.45pm – tidOrkan zOey (this normally would take from 15 minutes to longest 40 minutes)
10.30pm – kemas kemas apa yg patut for tomorrow.
??? pm – tidOozzzzz

and tomorrow is the same thing all over again. The only bright side is there is no traffic from kajang to subang and vice versa because of the highway. But i am quite worried with the constant travelling and plus minus the penat factor, takut accident je nanti. If i drive I am quite confident I won’t be sleepy la. But if my hubby drive, aku yg lebih lebih risau. Mana tak. tgk kadang kadang tgk macam dah nak tertido je drive tu. Isk isk. dangerous. In the end aku yg lebih stress kalau dia drive.

I just wish there is more time in a day and some leftover energy for me to do something else other than work and travelling. Feel like moving to usj je..Reduce sikit time and energy problem. But what the heck are we going to do with this current house. hehe.. Rumah sekarang lawa & besar. Macam sayang la pulak 😛

God give us strength to get through this phase of my life safely and stress free. Amin.

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