Muse by Watson at Sunway Pyramid

July 20, 2013 at 5:31 am (life, stuff I bought) (, , , )

Pagi tadi saya hantar xatOi repair setelah sekian lama pending nak antar workshop. Lepas hantar pegi pyramid kejap..nak cari bday present kat mama..(last minute sbb ingat nak bagi cash je..tapi cam tak best plak bagi duit je tapi takde adiah)

Sambil jalan jalan cari idea…ternampak this one shop.. Muse..gaya macam ala ala I went in just to browse .. tetiba terpk..beli perfume lah kat mama..

Apa yg best about this shop…banyak betul sale and promotion..maybe sebab baru bukak sebulan kot.. Still in promotional mode. Masa sembang sembang dgn the salesgirl, baru tau yg Muse ni is under Watson. So you can use your Watson card to collect points. For those who don’t have Watson card, you can sign up for the Muse card and it can be used in Watson as well 🙂 Also for certain period of time, you also will receive RM10 voucher with every RM 100. 🙂

After sniffing around, I decided to buy D&G rose for mama..beli yg 50ml..ada 5% off (certain stuff is 10% off). Lepas tu…usha usha keliling..dia kata with the purchase, I’m eligible for 30% off for mask. Apa lagi..borong pulak mask..bought 2 intensive hydrating mask and 2 intensive repairing mask. Then I also bought eye serum (kebetulan eye cream saya dah abis) from Skin Med.
Excellent reviews for reducing fine wrinkles and dark circles. I am going to try to see whether it works on my famous panda eyes 😛 The salesgirl say the result will show paling cepat within 7 days. So we’ll see lah how.. Tido pun kena awal jugak kan kalau nak nampak keberkesanan dia..ini asyik tido kul 12..kul 1 pagi..camne..hahaha
When checking out to pay..I was only RM 12 away from getting another RM10 voucher. So I bought another mask. But this is for whitening. Cantik mask ni..boleh buat hadiah..boleh post..also boleh buat frame.. Ideal for gifts 🙂

With the stuff I bought, I got RM60 voucher. The expiry date is 2nd August. So I decided to just redeemed it there. Bought 3 lip balm from Burt’s Bees. 3 perisa..satu peppermint, satu berry and another one is mango..
Nak lagi best..they also give me few samples consist of perfume, a set of hydrating face range, shower and massage oil and also lotion utk menegangkan muka dalam masa 40 saat (yg ni agak cool)
Setelah happy dapat barang2 ni semua..Muse also gave me 2 session of hand massage.
I decided to use the Strawberry and Milkshake lotion to be used on my hand. The smell is delicious. I don’t like the greasy feeling it left. But the greasiness goes away after some time leaving only the delicious smell
Overall, I am one happy customer 🙂
Come visit Muse in Pyramid if you are around that area.


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Watson Buy 1 Free 1 Mask Promo

October 27, 2012 at 4:21 pm (hOt mama) (, , )

My facial lady told me that the best thing is to use mask on our face daily or once every 2 days. This way the face will become hydrated and more supple. No need to use expensive mask, cheap ones would serve the purpose just fine (provided ur not allergic to it) :p

Today i saw watson was having sale on their mask. Buy 1 free 1. They have various types of mask to chose from.i chose 3 types: cucumber, tomato and aloe vera. Each mask is 5.90 so with the current promotion, the mask is only 3.00 per piece!! 😀

My face felt cool and hydrated after leaving the mask on for 20 minutes. Maybe I should have left it longer since the mask was still moist when i took it off 🙂

The sale is until 28th oct which is tomorrow 🙂 Go to watson tomorrow if ur looking for cheap mask for your daily use 😉

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