happy 27th bDay !!

December 31, 2007 at 12:56 am (life)


to my darling husband yusnO.

happy bDay. sOrry i posted it quite late on my blog. been quite bz celebrating with you of cOurse 🙂





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It finally happened

December 26, 2007 at 7:02 am (hOt mama, life)

Do you remember at my previous posts I’ve mentioned that lately I’ve been having this wOozy feeling? well it finally happened. Last monday I’ve blackout (pitam) at my office’s lobby. terduduk jatuh. kejap je blackout . sedar sedar cam byk je pak guard tOlong. Hua hua hua..malu nyeeee..pitam di khalayak ramai. Sib baik laaa tak ramai org lagi..

My husband at that time pun is still within the lobby area. so I called him. Then dia bawak I balik Subang umah mama. Seems like the reason I was feeling woozy lately is because of my very low blood pressure. The doc’s advice? I have to eat more. So skrg ni tgh cuba sedaya upaya utk makan lebih. Hehe..kejap kejap makan… kejap kejap makan lagi.. (I am now munching on delicious oreO dipped with peanut butter) hehehe..

oUh yesterday nite we went to a yusnO’s friend’s wedding. biasa je la sebab I don’t really know his friend tu. Habis event tu agak lambat.. tu yg hari ni keje mata cam raccoon je.huwArrGhh ngantuk.

On the other note, would you believe there is some people who would hold a grudge against you so long and I don’t even remember the specific reason why she’s being such a bi**h..sampai masa majlis kawin2 salam salam semua org pun she deliberately exclude to salam or even acknowledge me. Come on la. What are we? Six years old kids yang nak buat perangai macam tu? That for me is an act of no bloody manners. Even when I want to make a move later that night and try to salam her, she just look the other way. Hey I can act more bi*chy than you but my mama thought me better than that and I am not sinking to your level. So the h*ll with you.

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trying not to snap

December 21, 2007 at 8:15 am (life)

For god sakes, how many times do I have to tell you. NO, I DO NOT EAT any sort of VEGETABLES! And YES I DO KNOW THAT VEGETABLES IS GOOD for you! Once or twice i can take it but every time?? come on man… and yes my mom DID FORCE me to eat vegetables when I was young and yes she DID TOLD me that it is good for me. But in the end it is still my choice not to eat vegetables so stop judging my mom and just get off my case.

And YES, often you reminded me how you do things is THE BEST WAY and NOBODY can do it better than you but please next time just stop at that. No need to bad mouth about other people ways of doing things.


What do people mean when you give them a gift and right in front of you she/he said “ouh.. well. it’s the thought that counts” over and over again? Unbelievable

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our wedding slideshow

December 19, 2007 at 9:31 am (life)

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retail therapy really does wonders

December 19, 2007 at 8:43 am (life, work)

Today my mOrning was going well. Had enuff sleep, good breakfast and then when i came into wOrk, things started to go dOwnhill. 😦

When i log into my laptop, there’s a whole bunch of spam abOut cooking from my colleagues. Haiyerr.. satu dua buleh tahan laa..tapi kalau dah sampai 10 tu..isk..

And it is amazing right how some people would specifically lil itty bitty work, then would exaggerate and broadcast it to the whole wide world. surprisingly i think these are the kind of people who would climb up the corporate ladder with flying colors (that is if you have not so bright mgmt that can’t see through their true colors..) 😛

oUh. and top of that. I have to walk from my office to HQ with my colleague  (coz my hubby is driving the car today. not that i’m blaming u laling..hhehe) Being 6 months pregnant you’d think they would have considered other people that are with transportation or in good health to go to HQ right?? toya sungguh.

So me and my friend (yg jugak takde kereta) have to walk half and hour earlier because of this pregnant lady. ahahaha… jalan slow giler.. these few days i feel some pressure to my tummy so it is quite uncomfortable when i walk. Pity my friend because she has to follow my pace. Mesti dia busan. 🙂

Sampai sana masyaAllah i never knew i could feel that tired from walking (SLOWLY!!) haha. macam dah nak pengsan je..(notice that i often use the word pengsan/pitam or blackout nowadays) hopefully i wont eventually pengsan betul betul 😛

So after settling our work over there went to the canteen to grab a quick bite. One mihun sup and orange juice later. I was feeling better. So we plan to head out back the office.

On our way, there’s this brader selling products anyam macam mengkuang, but not using mengkuang. Ada beg, handbag, picnic bag laundry bag and many more. So i decided to practise retail therapy to brighten up my day. hehe. Bought one red handbag (i’m a sucker for red stuff) and a brown bag which can be use as a laptop bag. Baru la ada semangat nak jalan balik. hhahaha.

Here are the bags i bought

brown bag cute red bag

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December 17, 2007 at 5:48 am (life)

Have you ever felt like you’re trapped and tired of living your current everyday routine life? It’s not that i don’t love my current life but but it’s just that..sometimes i wish i could go back to the time where my life is care-free and i don’t have too much responsibilities.

 wishful thinking. hah!

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racOOn eyes

December 14, 2007 at 3:17 am (life)

photo-0348.jpgdamn…lOok at my pOor tired eyes!! :((

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December 14, 2007 at 12:27 am (hOt mama, life)

being pregnant and all, i’ve realized i’m becoming more sensitive everyday.

yesterday, i’ve waited for my husband to come back from work to have dinner with him. on his way home, he called me and asked what do i want him to buy. Then i said whut do you feel like eating. Dia cakap anything oso can. Either nasi goreng goreng or mcD. Me being the biggest fan of mcD quickly reply mcD. So he said ok and he’ll see me in a bit.

When he arrived, after getting ready for dinner before my first bite he suddenly blurted out, ey..you makan mcD selalu ni ok ke eh? somehow that question ruined my appetite aside from feeling guilty if i eat my dinner.

May i remind you that i am starved while waiting for him to come home to have dinner with him and i am oversensitive and sometimes don’t make any sense at all, i only end up eating quarter of the french fries and 2 or 3 bites of the burger.

Then rasa sedih sorang sorang. heh.. cengeng(crybaby) sungguh. ye laa…rasa guilty kalo mkn. tapi cam lapar. nak masak menda lain.. macam dah lewat. so semalam lepas kemas kemas, i went straight to sleep sbb lapo.

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No fun having numb ears

December 13, 2007 at 1:22 am (life)

This morning while traveling to ILSAS from rumah mama alone, suddenly i feel like blacking out after the second tol. Dalam hati..alamak kalau pitam ni mau accident ni, kalau accident tapi tak breakfast lagi, tak bestnye. he he he. I wanted to stop at the emergency lane but ironically time time tu la no emergency lane. So i have to keep on driving.

Then suddenly telinga pun rasa cam dah kebas. cam pelik je cara nak black out pun. ada ke telinga kebas. tak rOck langsung.

Alhamdulillah selamat sampai. So manage to calm myself down. lex jap dalam keta. pastu jalan la terkedek kedek pegi kelas.

Sampai sini, then munch on few peanut butter biscuits courtesy of Indra. Now dah ok sikit. hehe. I’m sure it’s nothing serious. maybe sbb kurang makanan or too tired. Ouh well, we’ll see how today goes. 🙂

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Tummy,high heels and ducks

December 11, 2007 at 9:14 am (hOt mama, life)

Weird enuff when i woke up this morning,  i’ve noticed that my tummy suddenly is rounder and somewhat bigger!! hee..that totally freak me out! i keep telling myself it’s the clothes but..naaah…my tummy has actually grOwn.

Bila tanya yusnO plak..my other half tu plak pegi comment dgn sarcasticnye ‘ye la takkan you expect it will get smaller’. Moody sekejap lepas tu.. (yeah yeah i know i’m vain but hey i am still not used to having a big tummy) tapi lepas bfast..dpt makan roti canai dgn milo ais, happy balik 😛

Somehow lately i’ve been having the urge to wear high heels. tah apa penyakit la plak. but obviously skrg i can’t wear them kan. mau kena pancung ngan mama. hehehe.. takpe takpe..next year azam nak pakai high heels byk2.

After work today we’re going to Midvalley to find Mimi’s bday present. Still haven’t decided what to buy yet. Need to survey first. Does a pet duck sounds too weird as a gift?

Note : i think milO is doing gymnastic inside my tummy. he’s more hyper in the afternOon rather than at night. Takpe..hopefully bila lahir nanti pun camtu eh..hyper siang siang je. malam malam tido diam diam dgn mummy aa..

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