What’s your definition of a “Perfect Date”?

April 28, 2013 at 2:00 pm (life)

How do you define a perfect date? It depends on own individual interpretation really..

I have lots of beautiful and memorable dates..and i have had my share of sucky date 😛 A great date does not necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune for your partner.. for me..it all come down to who I spend it with and how thoughtful that person is.

But, in my mind, I have always wanted to experience a movie-like date that I have always watch in the movies since forever.. Not sure if that would end as a perfect date..But in my imagination, it would seem like a perfect date.. (can’t really vouch for it since I never had that kind of date before)

So here is my definition of “A Perfect Date”

  • My date would pick me up at my house of from somewhere that we have agreed. Point is, he has to drive me for the night.
  • He has to dress smartly and look sharp for me because I would love to get all dress up for a date as well. The way a guy shows up for a date tells a lot how much effort date he puts into the date. (He doesn’t have to wear a suit and tie, but at least he has to make sure he is tidy and have clean clothes)
  • Brings me flowers & candy(it could be just a one single flower and a bar of cadbury for all I care..I think it is so romantic to have your date shows up with flowers and chocolate like in the movies)
  • Brings me to a place to eat. His choice. He does not have to ask “so..what do you want to eat” (I like when a man decides once in a while) Preferrably a romantic dinner. Need to be creative. The dinner doesn’t have to be expensive. He just have to know what is my favourite foods and what i don’t eat.  It could be a McD takeway meal and we eat it at a romantic place with candle light..or just eat it in a car while listening to music ❤
  • A. For activities if you’re taking me to movies, make sure it is not a “kill kill die die” movie. I prefer chick flick or something funny.
  • B. Or, it is fun if my date brings me to do something fun and new for both of us. Activities that I can think of : something like bowling, archery, snooker, laser tag, karaoke, etc. It might not be new for one of us..but if it is something that we have never tried together, than it would be fun and new experience that we both can enjoy together.
  • After the activities, then my date have to bring me for dessert. I love desserts especially chocolate 😛 At this time, is the time where my date and I talked and laugh away about the night and just talk endlessly about anything and everything.
  • Brings me back ..and ends the date with a kiss on my hand and on the cheek. 😛

So that is my imagination of a perfect date.. 🙂 It might not be grand and fancy..I’m a simple person and easy to please. As long as I can see that my partner is showing effort for me..I’m a happy happy girl.. 🙂



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Loccitane almond range

April 24, 2013 at 2:08 pm (hOt mama, life, stuff I bought) (, , )

I have been using loccitane product since a year ago and god knows how much i have spent within that duration because i just got rm500 voucher in exchange of my membership points! :p

My most recent purchase is my favourite range which is the almond oil range, apart from their repairing shampoo and conditioner (which i have stock up on the refill for many months to come)

Currently i am using their almond bath oil and i just bought 2 sets of their promotion almond lotion range.I find the almond lotion and oil are just awesome.It is really good for firming and smoothing your skin. And it also helps to lighten your stretch marks :p
Ouh..and there is this cute measuring tape that comes with each set 🙂
The promo is good since i am saving rm60 for each set. So overall i managed to get rm120 off and i got the gift set as well!! How great is that??
The promo ends on 30th april so go to your nearest loccitane shop now 🙂

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Fairy Theme Birthday Party

April 9, 2013 at 2:39 pm (hOt mama, life) (, , )

zOey’s only request for her 5th birthday this year is for her to be a fairy princess. So what’s a mom to do? Organize a fairy-themed birthday party of course!! 🙂 It’s the least I can do for the best daughter in the whole wide world 🙂
So to plan the party, I am focusing on the decorations to make it as fairy like as possible. After googling few ideas, most of the fairy theme party are usually held in the garden. But being in Malaysia, our garden is not as nice as overseas and of course there is always our unpredictable mother nature. Second option, to have leaves and flowers for decoration. Me and the team (yes I have a team- consist of my family) went to Nilai to buy the decorations (this is really an unplanned plan 😛 we just decide to go for a drive on Sunday to buy these stuff). Bought some strands of leave, flowers, petals and also lots and lots of ribbons. We also bought bubble pistol to make bubbles while we were there.
I have also ordered helium balloons from balloon buzz as part of the decorartions. Will pick them up on the day of the party. (I’m sure I am going struggle putting in and taking out the balloons in the car 😛 )

What else do I need to have for a Fairy theme party? Fairies!! So I bought fairy wings for zOey’s friends as part of the door gift for the party 🙂 can’t wait to see these cute fairies running around during the party. The door gifts item is mostly snacks and party noise makers being put in a princess plastic for girls and soccer plastic for boys.
For games, my sister is arranging it for the kids and there are also games for adults (can’t let the kids have all the fun) The gifts are already bought and wrapped..waiting to be won.. well me being the exceptionally great in games, might have to sit out the games to give others chance to win once in while.. hahaha.. Which reminds me, I need to print a fairy picture for the “Pin wings on a fairy” game for the kids.
Food for the party?I am definitely catering of course. I am not the one who is going to cook and slave my self over my sweat and blood to make foods for a party. kang org lain party…aku dok stress sorang sorang kat dapur..tau tau kurung diri sendiri dalam fridge..kan haru? 😛

For the cake…aaah..cake..long story. At first me and zOey have planned to have a cake with “5” shape and printed fairy pictures on top. When I first asked the bakery, they said they can do it, but when I went there again with the picture to print, they have 101 excuses saying that the picture can’t be printed, no 5 is difficult to do lah…so I just walked off. Went to another bakery, there is sort of 3d fairy hut cake, but if I ordered it now, they can only delivered it in the evening of the party, which they can’t tell me the exact time. So I walked out on another bakery. Then, out of ideas, while browsing the net, I stumbled upon Whisk bakery in empire. They have this beautiful rainbow cake picture in their facebook. The birthday girl also likes the colorful cake ..yippee..So today I went to the store and ordered a cake for the party..DONE! phew..What’s a party without a birthday cake 🙂

That’s all the updates for the party for now. Will blog about the party itself after the party 🙂 hope zoey will enjoy herself at her party 🙂

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You will always be my baby

April 5, 2013 at 6:04 am (hOt mama, life) (, , )

So many things happened to zOey lately, which made me think, my daughter is growing up so fast and sooner or later she will have to face all the craziness of the society and world out there (emo kejap).

One day she told us.. “Why is my teeth is hard hard soft?” I was thiking…what is she talking about then it dawned on me that her baby tooth is beginning to become loose. Apart from that I am kinda phobia when it comes to pulling out teeth whatsoever, it also means that my baby is growing up. She is loosing her first tooth and will her permanent tooth soon… (emo lagi)

Last week, she have to take an internal ballet exam after a month of attending the class (together with all the students that have already taken the class months before). Seems like it was a periodic exam and it is compulsory. She did not pass and she will stay in her current class which is completely fine with me. But the sad thing is (this is me again being an overprotective mother) these instructor gave a slip saying “We regret to say that your daughter ….. was unsuccessful in her exam…” but they did not explain it to the children. So these kids was given the slip and happily went out thinking that they have done well and passed the exam.. My baby ran to me grinning from ear to ear with full of confidence saying she did ok with thumbs up. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she did not pass. So we just said congrats you did your best. No need to tell her that she did not pass the exam since most of the kids did not pass and they will still maintain the same class.

The no 2 scenario made me think, I won’t be there all the time to protect her from the cruelty and challenges of the world. Sooner or later she need to face it and learn how to deal with it. I have to learn to let her grow up and experience everything on her own. But heck…for now if anyone tries to hurt my daughter intentionally they will definitely get it from me. Do not mess with me (Yes this is the insane overprotective mother talking again)

To zOey.I may not be the best mother around , but I will do my best to do what I feel best for you at that point of time. And I will try to spend more quality time with you and hope to be there always to watch you grow up. Love u much much my masyam… I hope you will maintain your level of empathy,fun personality and vivid imagination even after you are all grown up.

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