My encounter with Mr. Jean

June 25, 2013 at 4:50 pm (life, work) (, , )

I’ve been slaving away at work these past couple of weeks to make sure my project will go live on time.

With that..campur pulak with melayan kerenah vendor moody aku (tak tau la naper aku slalu dpt vendor prangai pelik2)..ditambah pulak dgn people handling issue..boleh dikatakan aku skrg dah macam zombie berjalan..baju rambut semua tak terurus..asal sempat je..tiap2 hari balik malam..

Malam tadi..dlm pukul 8 lebih..aku kluar office nak balik rumah..dalam kepala otak pk 1001 benda tambahan macamana nak settle issue sebelum
Uat lagi dua hari ni..wa sudah pegi hentam satu keta perdana masa otw keluar parking..

Ya allah tuhan je la yg tau perasaan masa tu..rasa cam nak lompat gaung aku park la and keluar..rasa cam nak nangis je dah..panic..tgk keta yg aku langgar tu..keluar pakcik mat saleh..masyaAllah..punya la baik..considering aku yg langgar dia and dia boleh je nak maki aku.. Dia keluar keluar terus dia datang kat aku tanya aku ok tak..lepas tu aku check keta aku..banyak gak calar kat bumper depan..pi lak tgk keta dia..keta dia body kemek +_+

Dia tak marah..sbb salah aku..aku doo apologize la kat dia..tapi..dia pulak dok pujuk aku..cakap..”these things happened” ..”dont worry”..”u poor thing”..siap tanya aku tinggal jauh tak..bila dah settle siap cakap be careful.. Adeh..aku yg panic ni sampai bergenang2 air mata (tapi control la beb) sbb terharu ada manusia sebaik tu..

Masa nak number phone..bila aku call dia..hp tak ringing..aku ingatkan aku salah dail sbb tgn pun terketar taip sbb panic..tapi bila dgr kat phone aku..ada lak pompuan jawab..ingatkan salah nombor..rupa rupanya dia tertuka hp dgn wife dia..malam baru dia perasan +_+ dia siap buat lawak2 lagi ngan aku..cakap bahasa melayu skit skit..cakap bahasa french skit kat aku..

Dear Mr. Jean F. Wasser..thank u for turning this night’s bad experience to a pleasant (sort of) experience by meeting u..and thank u for showing me that there is no harm in being nice no matter whatever situation u are in..


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One of the key to happiness

June 17, 2013 at 4:35 pm (life) (, )

I often get dissapointed because  I have always been …how should i say this..thoughtful to other people and I expect them to do the same when it comes to me. Alas… by doing that, I always get frustrated at the end of the day because I always expect a certain level of standard in other people.

After series of dissapointment, I have come to an agreement with myself to expect nothing so that I won’t get dissapointed. In a way lower my expectations in other people. I will continue doing nice and thoughtful things for others and if the gestures is appreciated or returned, then it would be a great surprise for me 🙂


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Teh Dangdut Putrajaya

June 16, 2013 at 2:20 pm (Food Love Affair) (, , , )

Pernah tgk teh tarik gelek? haaaa… kalau nak tgk boleh mai kat Medan Selera Taman Warisan Putrajaya.

Sebenarnya tempat and teh dangdut ni dah lama dah ada..sejak aku baru masuk keje lagi..2003/2004 macamtu.. time tu gelas dia besar..skrg gelas dah kecik skit.. takpa la ..hidup sihat kot..minum banyak sangat benda manis kang kencing manis pulak..

Teh dangdut ni..dia macam berlapis lapis…lepas tu bila kita goyang goyang..nampak laa layer layer susu..teh..tu ala ala bergelek gitu.. 😛

Rasa pun sedap..tapi kacau la dulu yer teh dangdut tu sebelum minum..jangan pulak minum tanpa kacau..confirm tak sedap 😛

Sapa sapa yang belum try boleh la singgah ke Medan Selera Putrajaya..Satu gelas kecik..RM2.00

Layan….. :P~


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Loccitane Members Day at Bangsar Village

June 14, 2013 at 3:47 pm (life, stuff I bought) (, , , )

Members day is currently going on currently at Loccitane’s Bangsar Village from 14th till 16th june. For today only, they also have light refreshment from
The Loaf 🙂

My damage was as below +_+ (the stuff in the pics is including all the free gifts as well 🙂 )
Upon arriving, being the outlet member, i got this door gift immediately.Repairing shampoo and conditioner travel size and shea butter mini soap
And..they also gave me early bird gift 🙂 a recycling bag and a normal size shea butter soap
So..what did i actually paid for? :p haha. I bought the shower delight set which consist of the daily shower scrub and the concentrated firming cream. This set cost rm269. I’m currently using the cream and loving it. I have used the scrub and i am so glad Loccitane decide to make this item their regular product and not only sold at limited time only
Then..i bought also the limited hand and foot almond lotion rm87. I love the smell of almond so I am glad to have the hand and foot cream of this range
Last but not least..i bought my almond oil refill. At last!! (well..4 of them rm120 each) i think Loccitane have the almond oil refill on sale like only once a year :))
Total damage was rm842.40 but luckily i have rm500 voucher that i haven’t use yet. So i only paid rm342.40 🙂

For spending over rm350, i also got this gift ..
and also eligible for lucky draw and won the hand balm (never used this before but looking forward to)
Overall..i am a very happy girl and will be spending a lot of time in the shower :p

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My Short Trip to North

June 14, 2013 at 2:30 pm (Food Love Affair, life, work) (, , , , )

Its been a while since I go back up north. So when there was a chance to go there for work, I was kinda excited. Its like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I get to travel while working and the trip is all paid for.

I have to do my work related talk first in alor staq. Stayed in Holiday Villa. The hotel was kinda old but clean. Aloq staq was kinda boring for me or maybe I just don’t know where to look for interesting places to go.

I moved downwards to Penang the next day. Checked in in Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya. The hotel have just undergone some interior renovations. It was gorgeous ❤ 🙂
After checking in, I went to the Island for some sightseeing and to seek for delicious Penang foods.
I just love rolling down the windows while driving at the Penang bridge.

Went to Bukit Bendera to go on the cable car but what rotten luck, the cable car is under maintenance for 3 days +_+
Dissapointed but no worries. I proceed to look for the hands down the most delicious roti naan ever.

The Kapitan restaurant is located in Jalan Gurney, just few blocks after the Gurney Hotel.
Before ordering, I took the chance to hang out for a while at the beach. It has been been ages since I last went to the beach.
At Kapitan, I ordered the Roti Naan Cheese Garlic Set which comes together with Tandoori chicken. To top it off, I ordered mango lassi to complete the whole meal.
20130614-223928.jpg was heavenly. If only I could get this kinda naan in KL.. [drool].

After eating, I stopped by at Hard Rock Cafe Penang just to wait until after the peak hours to go back to the hotel. Well, I accidentally bought few items from the hardrock. Got this cool limited edition pyjamas, a hardrock bracelet and a mood ring. I am a happy girl with full stomach and a bunch of new beautiful hardrock thingies.. 🙂

The next day after my second talk in Perda, I stopped by at Kuala Juru for the delicious Nasi Goreng Ketam.

The small restaurant is called Warung Paksu and it was situated near the foot of the hill. I even saw a bunch of buffalos along the way 😛
The restaurant is famous for its Noodle Crab & Fried Rice Crab. They also sell Sate and Ikan Bakar. Ouh, please be aware that the restaurant is close every Thursday to avoid any dissapointment 🙂

I ordered the Fried Rice with Crab and for drinks Apple Juice with Asam Boi. I thought the crab is cooked together in the fried rice but I was wrong. The crab was cooked seperately and the portion is HUGE. Each person gets 2 big crabs each.

Just look at the size of these crabs.. 0_0

Then off to Ipoh for the next talk. Not much thing to do in Ipoh. My friend asked me to check out Nasi Ganja but I have had too many rice in one period of time and it was making my stomach feel not so good :p What can I say, I love my mcD and pastas. 😛

Overall it was fun to go back to Penang. But it would be so much fun if I do not have to worry about work and checking my emails every now and then 🙂

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Chat application histories as i remembered

June 11, 2013 at 4:01 pm (life) (, , , , )

When did you get involved into the chat world?

For me it all began during my high school years when the chatting fad is still new. I remembered there are couple of times that i fell asleep in front of my pc while chatting 😛

Below are the chatting medium as i remembered according to my own experience and memories :

1. mIRC

  • to log into the chat, when successfully connected, in the connection windows there would be a long message displayed once connected. only those who have used mIRC would understand the happiness seeing the message when it is connected since connection is still a problem during that days
  • by default malaysians would be in the chatroom #kampung and #mamak
  • asl (age/sex/location) is the tagline when you started to chat with someone new
  • when you have already be ‘friends’ with someone, they would ask you to join their private group other than #kampung and #mamak. Then that guy would introduce the newcomers to the rest of the group
  • there would be gatherings where these people would arrange and meetup in real life

2. ICQ

  • the logging id is a bunch of random numbers which are impossible to remember
  • the logo is a picture of flower
  • there is a cute “oh oh” sound when your friends chats with you

3. Yahoo Messenger (early days)

  • A chat where you can add in your friends that is already on Yahoo mail.
  • You can share pictures and files

4. Gtalk

  • Messenger same as Yahoo messenger
  • the chat can also be access through email. Because it is embedded in email, for places that blocked chat application, gmail is just the right solution since it can be opened in a normal browser.
  • history is saved in your email

Nowadays with all the smart phones and free chats and sms around, I found myself using less and less of these mentioned application. Nowadays I am using whatsapp, line, imsg to connect with my friends n family. Whatever apps you are using..i think these free chats and sms are here to stay 🙂

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