Dear Ancelotti and Chelsea

November 29, 2010 at 4:17 am (life)

Dear Ancelotti

Please win the games for the rest of the season.

I do not like it when Chelsea team loses because my husband will become grumpy and moody.

So yes, please do your best to win the EPL for my sanity sake.

Thank you

Lots of love

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November 26, 2010 at 2:43 pm (life)

I’m having problem nowadays to differentiate between reality and dreams..and I think I am starting to hallucinate. (one ticket to cuckoo farm for nOami)


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Few friends of mine

November 16, 2010 at 7:00 am (hOt mama, life)


No one can live without friends(without going insane over a period of time).

For me, my first friend was my sister, Mimi. Having only one sister as a sibling, you can say that we are pretty close those days (ignore the hair pulling, arguing, pinching , etc2.. :P) She once pranked me into telling me that her robot(a bunch of tin cans of peanuts) can actually talk. Mind you that I was only 3 or 4 at that time. She would mumble2 like the robot was talking and me being the gemuk pendek innocent kid that I am would believe her!! Jahat kan kakak aku. Then I would complained to my tok & wan my the robot does not talk to me when my sister went to Tadika. (hanya mampu geleng kepala)

Then, around 4 to 5 years old, I start having friends with kids around my housing area in Taman Cempaka. There used to be a playgorund in front of my ‘then’ house and in the evening after the 5.30 cartoon, we will go out and play at padang. (unattended. mind you that those days it was safe for children to play outside.) We used to have costume competition & dancing competition among the ‘budak budak padang’.

Then there was my school friends.

During my primary, I was in an all girl school ‘Puteri Pandan 2’. I was lucky enuff that my sister also went to that school and some of my best friends were my sister’s friend sister (get it ? :P) My best friends those days were Leilani and Irin. I still have Irin as one of my facebook friends(blessing the facebook existance) but I lost contact with Leilani since she moved to Canada. Wonder whatever happened to her.

In Secondary I went to a co-ed school.SM Seafield. At first it was kinda awkward to be friends with guys because I went to an all girl school before. I met Meela, one of my best friends there and we still are the best of friends till now. I’ve admitted to her before that at first, I kinda didn’t like her and vice versa. but in form 2, we got stuck sitting beside each other 🙂 and the rest is history. We used to lepak at each others house after school, doing stuff (what stuff, I cant remember) haha. We used to go to subang parade and either one of our moms will pick us up after we’re done beside the road.

I also met one of my best guy friends (stictly platonic) Pyan during my secondary days. My mom called him as one of her anak angkat since he is around my house so much (aku tau ko lepak sbb nak makan famous amos kan?) We also went to tuition & ponteng together (sorry mama…anak u ni nOty jugak dulu). We would sometimes confide in each other when it comes to relationship problems (yes we have LOTS of relationshiop problem) but this only started after our school days (for me at least. ko pyan aku tak tau la berapa banyak ex ko ada) 😛

In my uni days, well, i kinda only hang out with the same group of friends, which is not that many. hehe. Ezra, Indah, Nuha, Eda & Jaja. We went through a lot during our 4 years together. I remember one time in our apartment, we would sit around and talked while drinking a lot of plain water. I mean a lot! me, Ezra and Indah kept on drinking. and Nuha kept on boiling and refilling the water. At the end of the day, we would race each other to the bathroom considering there was 4 of us and only 1 bathroom.We also got caught ‘lepaking’ at Tasik Uniten after midnite. (we’re not aware that we cant go out of the apartment after 12. we thought it is only applicable outside uniten) So this lecturer, talking to us about why are you outside your apartment bla bla bla and in the end we need to do a surat sumpah (swear letter?) saying that we wont do it again in future.dah la malam malam buta, nak tulis dalam gelap dekat parking kereta apartment tu..bengong betul. which i until now do not know for what purpose 😛

Entering the work force, I met Kak Ina. Boy, did we have some great times together. She was my best friend and also my boss (weird you think? surprisingly no) She was a great friend to me, more like a sister rather than a boss. She was my go to person whenever I have relationship problem, people problem, or any problem whatsoever. Now she is no longer my boss and lives in JB. (huhu) but we are still close and still keeping in touch with each other.

In the end, I was lucky I married my ‘bestest’ friend of all, Mr. yusnO yunOs. We kinda go through a lot together didn’t we ? Since the first day we went out as friends at KLCC during CNY 2004 up until the incident of the ‘that’ certain person calling us both at once (brilliant guy) 😛

I really appreciate all of you for being my good friends and in a way, direct/indirectly making me the person I am now. Even though we do not see it each other everyday (except you, yusnO) you guys remain close to my heart. muAhXx!!!!

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new bed fOr zOey

November 7, 2010 at 4:14 pm (hOt mama)

zOey on her new bed (nOt fOrgetting her 2 pumpkins)

zOey with her new height chart “I am 90 inches tall”

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zOey reena : crOcodile and brOccOli?

November 7, 2010 at 3:30 pm (hOt mama)

While reading the ‘jungle animal’ pop up book. When at the crocodile’s page :
zOey : look mama it’s crOcodile
mama zOey : zOey help!! It’s biting mama’s hand!! (sambil berlakon tgn kena gigit crocodile tu)
zOey : (while pulling my hand) it’s ok mama…it is just broccOlli..
mama zOey : ???

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Go Green. Go Evenesis

November 3, 2010 at 12:53 pm (life, work) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Seems like everyone is going green nowadays. Minimizing the usage of plastic bag, reduce water consumption, recycle whenever’s possible, etc…

Evenesis is a complete event management system where it could eliminate the usage of paper (invitation cards) and save trees!!! Whenever there’s an event, whole bunch of trees somewhere is being sacrificed as sketch paper and also invitation cards. By using evenesis, everything is ready online for your usage.

Floorplan design and seating arrangement is done online ans seamlessly. Invitations can be sent either by email, sms or both. Evenesis even have cool templates for your invitation to be sent to your cool and hip guests.

The best part is, for guest to confirm their attendance is just a click away by email or just reply the sms invitation and Evenesis will update automatically the status of the guest attendance in the system. Neat ey?

There’s more fun and interesting function at Evenesis for you to try out. Good news is,Evenesis Beta version is free for public use! So what are you waiting for?Start saving trees and increase your ‘coolness’  factor by using Evenesis for your event 🙂

Click to register or for more explanation on this ‘support green’ system, go to

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My “ME” Day @ Hammam Spa,Bangsar Village

November 3, 2010 at 11:58 am (hOt mama, life) (, )

Today I took the day off..

Got some errands to run and most importantly, I finally book for a session at Hammam Spa!! (yey for me!!). I stumbled upon their website quite some time ago ( but haven’t got the chance to go. So 2 days ago I book me a session of  ‘My Favourite Concubine” which consist of :
1. Hammam and Gommage
2. Moorish Body Polish
3. 45 minutes of Aromatherapy Massage

I arrived at Bangsar Village around 10.45 ish and went looking for the place (I’ve never even see the hammam spa physically) Saw a very traditional morrocan door and recognize it right away from their website.

I was greeted by Geno with the most pleasant manner I’ve ever seen in a front liner. He then explained to me what my package is about and what they’re going to do with me during the treatment. There was 2 ladies attending me, one is a Morrocan lady named Izlan (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) and a Sabahan Masseus which I called Kak Shima.

I was first brought to the changing room and given a locker with a magnet key bracelet (convenient). Locker no 1 yey!! and throughout the Hammam & Gommage and the Moorish Body Polish, I was the only customer there. Heavenly~~. I really enjoy having the whole place to myself.

I was then bathed (yes bathed!!) by Izlan with warm water in a warm marble room (something like a sauna i guess). Then she put a black mixture mixing thingy on my whole body and leave me to marinate. This mixture is to let your dead skin be easily remove during the Gommage session. After 10 minutes, she came back and clean me up with warm water. Then on to the next room where I lay on a warm marble bed for the Gommage(scrub) session. During this time, you can see all your dead skin being removed (quite gross come to think of it) to have a smooth clean skin 🙂 After Gommage, the Moorish body polish is spread all over my body and I am being left to marinate again in the marble room. This time i decided to lie down to have a full effect of the marble room. Izlan then came in to bathe me again (i feel like a baby 😛 last time i remember someone bathe me must be like more than 20 years ago :P) Shampoo, conditioned, soap, all the works. I don’t have to lift a finger. Not even to dry myself.

After half of the session completed, I was being escorted to the lounge area in my bathrob for a morrocan tea and baklava while waiting for my masseus to get ready. At that point of time I was feeling clean and shiny like a new penny..haha.

Kak Shima, my masseus brought me to the massage room with a very dim lighting (perfect for someone who is self concious of her/his body). I chose the oil while talking to Geno before the starting of the session. The oil I chose suppose to rejuvinate and somewhat detox i think (forgive me I tend to space out when people are talking nowadays)

After an hour of massage, I was then brought back to the lounge to relax and have some more tea. I guess you can stay as long as you want because nobody seem to harass you to hurry up and go. But at that point of time, yusno is already waiting at the lrt station for nearly an hour for me to pick him up. huhu.. Next time I will stay longer 🙂

The ‘My fav Concubine’ price is RM 315 per session. But I took the package which consist of 6 session with validity of one year (including the one I did today) priced at RM250 each (that is a RM65 savings for each session. yey!!) and upgraded the massage session from 45 min to an hour. Best part is the session is not exclusive to myself only, so I can use the session or give it to someone else 🙂

Right now I’m feeling light, fresh and clean, polished? 😛 and relaxed from my Hammam Spa session. definitely worth the money. Looking forward for the relaxing deep sleep tonight as claimed by Geno today. haha.

Note : Camera is not allowed inside the Hammam. So I only took pictures outside and at the waiting area


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chOo chOo train (LRT :P) ride fOr zOey reena

November 3, 2010 at 10:12 am (hOt mama, life) (, , , , , )

Last sunday we decided to take zOey for a ride on LRT seeing that she loves her thomas and chuggington cartoon so much. And whenever we past by LRT train she we scream out ‘Mama!!!Train!!”

This is not her first time on LRT. The first time we took her on LRT train was when she was 1year ++ (tak ingat la tu).

So we parked our car at my office (conviniently just in front of an LRT station). . Not forgetting her pumpkin, we take a short ride to KL central, had our dinner there and went back.

She was so excited,but in the train she did not talk much, just observing with her big eyes 😛 but when having dinner at KFC, we sat at the outside area where we can see the train pass by. My goodness, when every LRT train pass by/stops, she would scream loudly “Mama/Papa look white/blue/green (another) train!!!!! habis satu KFC tu dengar…mesti depa ingat anak aku ni peghak tak pernah tgk train..hahahaha

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